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Tianjin Traditional Chinese Orchestra US Tour——Chinese Folk Music Concert

Date: 8:00 pm, Sept 27, 2017

Place: Marietta Campus Dance Theatre

(1100 South Marietta Pkwy Marietta, GA 30060)

This orchestra is very popular in China and all the Chinese folk musics  which they will play are classical and famous. The performance is free, but RSVP is required due to the limited seating. Please email your information including Name, Contact cellphone number and Occupation to Floria Whitcomb at 

The program as follows:

Emcee:Cui Jinghua

1.Bumper Harvest

Orchestralensemble - Arranged by Peng Xiuwen, Cai Huiquan

The music expresses the farmers’ joy for bumper harvest

2.Birds Paying Homage to Phoenix

Suona solo - Folk music performed by Zhao Cuncai

A well-known suona piece depicting a landscape liven up with the harmony of birds chirping and twittering.

3.Moonlit Night at the Spring River

Pipa, guzheng & xiao trio - Ancient tune performed by Xu Yingmei, Fan Bofang&Liu Zhaojun

The music praises the beautiful riverscape south of the Yangtze River by depicting the charming moonlit scenery at the Spring River

4.Deep Night  

Jinghu solo performed by Zhang Xiuling

A vigorousadaptation from a famous Peking Opera piece originally with a plaintive tone.

5.Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake

Guangdong music by Lyu Wencheng, performed by Tian Dongjie, etc.

The music expresses affectionate love for the idyllic landscape south of the Yangtze River with lakes glistening in the moonlight.

&Birds Back into the Forest

Guangdong music by Yi Jianquan, performed by Tian Dongjie, etc.

The music depicts the lively and touching scene of birds flying back to the forest at sunset.


“Errentai”ensemble - Folk music performed by Ma Jincao, Wang Yue, Niu Hu, Liu Zhaojun, etc.

Theensembleis popular in rural areas in northern China with strong native flavor, played mainly with bamboo flute, yangqin, sihuand sikuaiwa.

7.Liuyang River

Plucked string ensemble - Arranged by Zhu Liqi & Tang Biguang, performed by Liu Guixiang, Wang Yue, Xu Yingmei, Fan Bofang, Yu Di, etc

Adapted from the popular folk song Liuyang River that expresses the people’s lovefor their hometown and family

&Summer's Thunderstorm

Plucked string ensemble - Music by Yan Laolie, adapted by Li Yaojie, performed by Liu Guixiang, Wang Yue, Xu Yingmei, Fan Bofang, Yu Di, etc

The melody is characteristic of the cultivated style of Lingnan music and culture

8.Journey to Suzhou

Bambooflute solo- Music by Jiang Xianwei, performed by Liu Zhaojun

A representative bamboo flute piece depictingthe beautiful scenery of ancient city Suzhou.

9.Mice Wedding

Percussion ensemble - Folk music performed by Liu Guixiang, Wang Yue, etc

Based on a folk tale that, on the 23rd day of the 12th lunar month. A group of mice gatherwith great pomp and ceremony after midnight for a wedding when suddenly a big scarycat appears, sending all of them running for dear life.

10.Moon Reflected on the Second Spring

Erhu unison - Music by Hua Yanjun, performed by Ma Jincao, etc

A famous melancholy erhu classic depicting the life of a blind erhu musician.
& Horse Race
Erhu unison - Music by Huang Haihuai, performed by Ma Jincao, etc

The music depicts a rousing scene of galloping horses in great numbers

11.Operatic Grace
Jinghu & orchestra ensemble - Arranged by Yu Di, performed by the
orchestra with Zhang Xiuling on jinghu & Luo Lini singing
The ensemble, created by members of the orchestra,draws on a famous Peking Opera tune and keeps the original song.

12.Red Flowers Blooming Everywhere

Orchestral ensemble - Music by Xu Jingqing. Created by orchestra in the 1970s, the ensemble became popular across China and was published by China Records.