Faculty & Staff Education Abroad Resources

The resources on this page will help guide faculty and staff through the education abroad process, from submitting a proposal to getting expenses reimbursed while out of the country.

Proposing a Program

Please review all the information in this section before submitting your education abroad proposal. This section addresses the deadlines and training requirements you must know, as well as provides valuable links to information about how the EAO evaluates proposals.
Deadlines for Submitting a Program Proposal

  • December 1 for Fall & Decembermester Programs
  • July 1 for Spring/Summer Programs

Proposal trainings for new Faculty Directors leading an education abroad program for the 2014-15 academic year/summer have passed.

If you have not taken students abroad on a Faculty Led program at KSU in the last year or are significantly changing your program design and are interested in proposing a program for the 2015-16 Academic Year, please contact Iyonka Strawn-Valcy, International Programs Manager, at 470-578-7787 or istrawnv@kennesaw.edu. The Education Abroad Office strongly recommends that you begin your planning process for your education abroad program proposal and involve our office at least 6 months to one year prior to the proposal submission deadlines.

Proposing a faculty-led program at KSU

Please contact Iyonka Strawn-Valcy, International Programs Manager, for information on proposing an Education Abroad Program: 470-578-7787 or istrawnv@kennesaw.edu
Documents to review prior to proposal


Site Visit Funding

Faculty or staff who wish to apply for funding for a site visit to develop a new or existing education abroad program must submit a Site Visit Application Form


The applications are due November 1 or April 1 of every year for the succeeding term. The Global Learning Fee Committee approves funding based on the strength of the application.  


Upon return, the faculty/staff must complete the Site Visit Report Form

Forms and Documents

The material below is important to any faculty or staff member supervising an education abroad experience. You will find sample documents, information about inviting EAO speakers into your classroom, help documenting and getting approval for expenses, and assistance navigating the Studio Abroad electronic system.
Click here to view a sample syllabus, budget, and other documents you will need to organize your program.
Forms and policies concerning the approval of purchases and reimbursements while abroad.
Interested in having a speaker from the Education Abroad Office visit your classroom to tell students about education abroad opportunities? Use this link to schedule a speaker for a 15 or 45 minute presentation.
Forms and documents to help you learn your way around Studio Abroad

Sample Documents and Resources

Finance Resources

Pre-Departure (All Participating Faculty & Staff)

These forms must be filled out prior to payment of any invoices, cash advances, or reimbursements. Direct deposits must now be filled out by all KSU employees requesting reimbursement or cash advances. The direct deposit form is not the same as payroll direct deposit.

Registering New Vendors

If you are paying a vendor who has not been registered with KSU, you will need to have the vendor fill out these forms before we can pay them for services.


Business Services requires that all reimbursements for food be approved using the Food Approval Form.

Cash Advance

Cash advances take up to three weeks to process through Business Services. In order to receive your cash advance you must fill out the direct deposit form found in the pre-departure section.

While Away

Keeping track of your expenses while you are on your trip is vital! Keep all receipts and write down what was paid for. If the vendor doesn’t have receipts have them sign a vendor receipt so you don’t run the risk of having a missing receipt form denied.


When you return to KSU, you are required to submit a reconciliation within three weeks of your return. Use this Check List to double check that you’ve done everything correctly. The use of missing receipt forms is discouraged; avoid using these by having vendors sign vendor receipts.

Make use of the following forms:

Studio Abroad Resources
The following forms and documents will guide you through the process of using Studio Abroad.

Staff training documents include:

If you need assistance, please contact Lori Uhler at luhler@kennesaw.edu or x2828