Fundrasing Ideas for Your Education Abroad Experience

There are many options available to fund your study abroad experience. Below, you will find information on financial aid, scholarships, and other fundraising ideas. For more specific information on the scholarships, look through these Study Abroad Scholarship Databases:


Need some ideas for raising money for your education abroad experience? The following link features dozens of suggestions. Choose the option that works best for you!

Local Organizations

Look for local heritage groups or language associations related to the country you are visiting or to your own personal heritage. You can also approach local businesses or foundations that you and your family have patronized or been part of and ask them to make a donation to your studies. You’ll be surprised who will donate, so don’t be afraid to ask!
Going on a Non-KSU Program

If you are going on a program through another provider (for example: CIS, KEI, CIEE, ProWorld, or ISA) be sure to check their website for additional scholarship opportunities.