The Division of Global Affairs

A university experience is about more than teaching students the skills to succeed in their professional lives. It is also about helping them become more complete individuals and better global citizens. At the Division of Global Affairs, we believe that exposure to other cultures is a crucial piece of accomplishing that goal.

The Division of Global Affairs is a multi-departmental organization that spearheads programs designed to connect Kennesaw State University students to the world, and vice versa. Education abroad programs, for example, give KSU students the opportunity to live and learn in foreign countries, while also bringing students from all over the world to study at KSU. In both cases, students return home with a greater appreciation of the differences (and similarities) between their two cultures.

Education abroad is just one part of the DGA’s mission to promote internationalization at KSU. Through academic initiatives like the nationally-recognized “Year Of” program, students can discover new cultures without ever leaving the country. Meanwhile, the DGA’s Global Engagement Committee – comprised of representatives from each of KSU’s individual colleges – helps faculty integrate international issues into the classroom, and even leads to the creation of new courses.

A critical part of the DGA’s success is the ability to build relationships with key partners inside north Georgia and around the world. The DGA works with local businesses, domestic and international universities, and humanitarian organizations to find new ways to create global engagement opportunities for students, and to enhance KSU’s international prominence.

This is just a fraction of The Division of Global Affairs' role at KSU. Between study abroad opportunities, academic programs, student scholarships, community partnerships, and all the other programs we oversee, The DGA is committed to making KSU a gateway to the world.