Strategic Internationalization Grants

Request for Proposals
The Division of Global Affairs is pleased to announce the launch of the second annual round of the Strategic Internationalization Grants (SIG) Initiative. The SIG Initiative is an internal grant competition that provides seed funding for five categories of international activity tied to our institutional Strategic Plan for Internationalization: 1) International education; 2) International research; 3) International community engagement; 4) International student support; and 5) Transformative campus internationalization.   Individual grant awards range in size from $2,500 to as much as $50,000.
In an effort to improve the accessibility and impact of this year's grant awards, the SIG Initiative RfP has undergone several targeted yet significant revisions in program criteria, review and application processes.  Please link below for more information and to download this year's new Request for Proposals (SIG RfP). Please note that this year's application and document submission process is entirely online and can be accessed via the Online Proposal Form. Proposals for 2015-16 academic year funding are due on March 18, 2015 and awards will be announced on May 4, 2015.
For questions regarding the SIG, please contact Saundra Rogers at 

About the 2014 SIG Awards (In Progress)
The Strategic Internationalization Grants Initiative is intended to advance the Kennesaw State University Strategic Plan for Internationalization through targeted seed-funding of innovative global engagement activities within one or more of the following five thematic areas. The following projects were funded during the inaugural 2014 award cycle within each of these five areas. *Note: The links below take you to 2014 SIG awards for each category.
1) Transformative campus internationalization;
The SIG Initiative is administered by the Division of Global Affairs at Kennesaw State University.

2014 SIG Awards
Below you will find a listing of all the Strategic Internationalization Grant recipients for 2014.
Campus Internationalization Prize (CIP)  Award Amount

Interdisciplinary Teaching and Assessment of
Intercultural Competence
Co-PIs: Sabine Smith, Dan Paracka, Joe Terantino
International Student Support (ISS)  Award Amount

Deborah Mixson-Brookshire, David Schmidt and Heather Scott

International Community Engagement (ICE)  Award Amount

Preserving & Promoting Artisan Cultural Heritage 
Co-PIs: Lin Hightower and Dennis Loubiere



International Research & Scholarship (IRS)
(Matching funds provided by the KSU Office of Research)
 Award Amount



Global Learning Innovation (GLI)  Award Amount

Art Exchange with The Beijing Dance Academy
PI: Ming Chen

Transnational Study Abroad and Internships
PI: Alan Lebaron

Preparation of Education Abroad Faculty
Co-PIs: Genie Dorman and Christie Emerson

Innovative, Interdisciplinary and International
Perspective on Social Issues and Solutions
Co-PIs: Monica Nandan, Pamila Dembla, Debarati Sen, and Stuart Napshin


The Start-Up Game Competition
PI: Tim Blumentritt

ASEBUSS Collaboration
PI: Mike Salvador

Total SIG Award Amount  $200,000