Strategic Internationalization Grants

The Strategic Internationalization Grants Initiative is intended to advance the Kennesaw State University
Strategic Plan for Internationalization through targeted seed-funding of innovative global engagement activities within one or more of the following five thematic areas:
The SIG Initiative is administered by the Division of Global Affairs at Kennesaw State University.
Below you will find a listing of all the Strategic Internationalization Grant recipients for 2014.
Global Learning Innovation (GLI)  Award Amount

Art Exchange with The Beijing Dance Academy
PI: Ming Chen

Transnational Study Abroad and Internships
PI: Alan Lebaron

Preparation of Education Abroad Faculty
PI: Genie Dorman



The Start-Up Game Competition
PI: Tim Blumentritt

ASEBUSS Collaboration
PI: Mike Salvador

International Research & Scholarship (IRS)
(Matching funds provided by the KSU Office of Research)
 Award Amount



International Community Engagement (ICE)  Award Amount

Preserving & Promoting Artisan Cultural Heritage 
Co-PIs: Lin Hightower and Dennis Loubiere



International Student Support (ISS)  Award Amount

Deborah Mixson-Brookshire, David Schmidt and Heather Scott

Campus Internationalization Prize (CIP)  Award Amount
Interdisciplinary Teaching and Assessment of
Intercultural Competence
Co-PIs: Sabine Smith, Dan Paracka, Joe Terantino

Total SIG Award Amount  $200,000