EAO Photo Contest

Nothing can capture the essence of a moment better than the perfect photograph.The Education Abroad Photo Contest asks students to submit unique and impactful images taken during their experiences studying abroad.

(Below you will find the winners for each category in the 2016-2017 photo contest.)

  • The contest is broken down into the following four categories:

    1) People

    2) Natural or Manmade Beauty

    3) Cultural Identity


    2016-2017 Winners: People

    First Place
    "Festival Kid"
    Yesenia Fregoso

    Festival Kid 

    Second Place
    "Trail to Quilotoa"
    Vivianne Jewell

    Trail to Quilotoa 

    Third Place
    "La Tejedora"
    Maria Arredondo

    La Tejedora

    2016-2017 Winners: Natural or Manmade Beauty

    First Place
    "Iguana de Castillo San Felipe del Morro"
    Courtney Donoghue
    Puerto Rico

    Iguana de Castillo San Felipe del Morro 

    Second Place
    "*Insert Volcanic Pun*"
    Elise Akin

    *Insert Volcanic Pun* 

    Third Place
    Margaret Sams
    South Africa


    2016-2017 Winners: Cultural Identity

    First Place
    "La Petite Venice"
    Rachel Schmidt

    La Petite Venice 

    Second Place
    "Faces of Famine"
    Crystal Morris

    Faces of Famine 

    Third Place
    "Female Dance Assassins"
    Vincent Brown
    South Korea

    Female Dance Assassins


    Facebook Fan Award

    "Eiffel Tower"
    Latabiya Howard

    Eiffel Tower

    Previous Years' Winners