Current Applicants


Kennesaw State University students who have already applied for an education abroad program can use this page to access their applications and to review other important information they need to know before going abroad.



  • Pre-Departure Orientation Conference

    The Education Abroad Office will be hosting a Pre-departure Orientation Conference (PreDOC) for KSU students participating in a faculty-led education abroad program for the spring and/or summer 2018 terms. 

    If you are unable to register for the PreDOC, please contact your Education Abroad Program Coordinator for more information. 

    2018 Conference Dates Coming Soon

    Health & Safety

    Click here if you experience an emergency while out of the country

    International health insurance is required for all students studying abroad on a KSU education abroad program. If you are departing early or staying later, you should purchase supplementary insurance to cover the dates outside of the KSU program travel dates.

    Health Guidelines

    • Travelers should be in good health before going on an overseas trip
    • If you need any prescription medication, take it with you in a clearly marked container
    • Carry prescriptions with you to avoid possible problems going through customs
    • Get your doctor to write the prescription for the generic drug as the brand name may be different in other countries
    • If you wear glasses, it is usually beneficial to carry a spare pair. An alternative is to carry a prescription for eyeglasses with you so it is possible to have a pair made if the need arises.

    Vaccinations / Medications

    Vaccinations may be required for studying abroad in some countries. For up-to-date information on health conditions where you will be studying, we recommend accessing the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website. Other useful sites for health and travel tips include Travel Health Online and HTH Worldwide.

    You should consult your doctor to make an informed decision regarding any immunizations or other medications you may want/need to obtain before traveling. Some of these immunizations may involve a series of two shots and therefore you should arrange an appointment with your doctor approximately two months prior to departure.

    Before you leave the United States, be sure to provide the education abroad program with a copy of important medical/health information that a physician might need in the event that you become ill.

    Examples of conditions you would want to inform the program about include:

    • Eyeglass prescriptions
    • Prescribed medications
    • Whether you are a diabetic or have allergies
    • Your blood type

    You should bring medications to treat any known pre-existing conditions, such as asthma, and take proper precautions to avoid an attack. It is suggested that you have an annual check-up with your family doctor before leaving to go abroad.

    Note: The CDC recommends that all travelers review the status of the following inoculations:

    • Tetanus
    • Hepatitis A
    • Hepatitis B

    At least 4 to 6 weeks prior to departure, contact your doctor, clinic, State Health Department, or KSU's Student Health Center to ask about your immunization/medication needs.

    If you are unsure whether you will require a vaccination for your education abroad program, visit the KSU Health Clinic Website.