Finance Resources & Training

Finance Resources & TrainingBelow you will find several resources to help faculty manage, track, and pay for expenses incurred while traveling for Division of Global Affairs programs. These resources include training programs, job aids, and in-person information sessions.



Office of Finance and Accounting Expense Report Training

Built by the Office of Finance and Accounting, this resource guides users through the process of managing travel expenses via Concur Expense Management software. Faculty should use the training programs presented here when traveling for DGA purposes such as education abroad site visits and student teaching.

See the OFA Individual Travel/Site Visits/Student Teaching Training for more.

Education Abroad Finance Processing Procedures

Education Abroad Finance Training Module

Faculty leading education abroad programs must complete this training module

Education Abroad Finance Training Module

Below you will find a quick reference guide for the Education Abroad Office's financial procedures for faculty traveling on education abroad programs. 

  • Travel Request Forms must include all required information prior to being submitted to the Education Abroad Office for approval.

    Find the up-to-date Travel Request Form at the Office of Financial Management's Forms Page.

    Before you submit your request, review your form to ensure that all required fields have been completed.  The travel expense estimate section of your travel expense form should also be completed prior to submission.

    Click here to view a sample Travel Request Form.

    All Completed Travel Request Forms should be emailed to

  • All Supplier Registration Forms for vendors should be sent directly to the Office of Finance and Accounting for processing. Forms can be mailed, faxed or hand delivered to OFA.  Do Not Email these forms.

    International vendors will also have to complete Form W-8BEN (individuals) or Form W-8BEN-E (entity)

    For vendor registration inquiries call 470-578-4967.

  • After your education abroad program proposal has been reviewed and approved and you need to make changes to your budget, all changes and corresponding vendor quotes need to be submitted for review.

    Updates include but are not limited to the following:

    • Changes in pre-quoted items
    • Addition/removal of an activity or expense
    • Adjustment to student/faculty participants

    All updated budgets and supporting documentation should be emailed to

  • Program invoices should be submitted using the online submission form

    Invoices must be submitted on the vendor company's letterhead and must also contain the following information to be considered a valid invoice:

    • Invoice number
    • Invoice date
    • Company name and contact information
    • Itemized list of products and services purchased
    • Faculty and student charges must be separately stated
    • Wire transfer information for international vendors (if applicable)

    Click here to download a sample invoice.

    Invoices will not be submitted for processing until the following has been confirmed:

    • Supplier Authorization/Registration Form and all required forms have been submitted to the Office of Finance and Accounting
    • All Travel Request Forms for faculty have been received
    • All student payments have been confirmed

    Click here to submit your invoices.

    For program invoice inquiries email

  • Cash advance requests should be submitted using the online submission form.

    Cash advances can take up to 20 days to process and are not disbursed until 7-10 days before departure. The Office of Finance and Accounting must have your Supplier Authorization/Registration form on file in order for a cash advance to be disbursed.

    Click here to view a sample Cash Advance Request Form.

    Click here to submit your cash advance request.

    For cash advance inquiries email

  • Within three weeks of the faculty’s return to campus, they are required to submit reconciliation statement for an outstanding cash advance or a reimbursement for program related expenses.

    • Faculty should drop their completed and signed reconciliation/reimbursement package off at the EAO front desk.
    • Upon review, if there is an issue with the information submitted, the faculty will be contacted to request additional information or obtain clarification on the documentation submitted.
    • When the reconciliation/reimbursement has been approved by the accountant, the faculty will be notified of their final reconciliation amount.

    Reconciliation Check list

    View the Finance Documents section below to access more expense reconciliation documents.

    For reconciliation or reimbursement inquiries email


Finance Q&A Sessions

You have questions about managing your education abroad program's finances. We have answers.

The Division of Global Affairs hosts on-demand information sessions about education abroad program financial management. The sessions give faculty members the opportunity to ask questions about what their financial responsibilities are and what they need to do to meet those responsibilities.

A knowledgeable DGA accountant will be present to answer your questions.

If you are interested in scheduling a finance information session, please contact If possible, submit any specific questions you have at this time.

Finance Documents

Below you will find listings of the documents you need to complete in order to guarantee your vendors are paid and your expenses are reimbursed.

Upcoming Fiscal Year 2017 Year-End Deadlines 

The following year-end deadlines are approaching:

  • 5/26/2017
    Technology Purchases that are available on State, BOR, or Agency Contract

  • 6/02/2017
    Travel Expense Reports (fully approved) for trip end date through 05/31/17 or prior

  • 6/02/2017
    Invoices dated 5/01/2017 through 05/31/2017

  • 6/02/17
    Payment Requests/Invoices dated 05/01/2017 through 05/31/2017

  • 6/06/17
    Fully Approved e-Pro Requisition $24,999.99 or less

  • 6/06/17
    All purchases from State, BOR, or Agency contracts, and exempt items with Fully Approved e-Pro Requisition.

Full instructions regarding the above deadlines are available at the following links:

OFM Year End Procedures
OFM Year End Deadlines

It is recommended that one of these web pages be checked periodically for updates, as some information may be updated and changed. Additionally, departments are strongly encouraged to begin reviewing their purchase order encumbrances, requisition pre-encumbrances, budget (i.e., Comprehensive Financial Reports Summary), and funds available balances now.

In order to achieve a successful closing of our fiscal year, adherence to the published year-end deadlines is critical. All University System of Georgia (USG) institutions are closely monitored for compliance with year-end close procedures. Please plan ahead and submit procurement requests in accordance with the published year-end deadlines.