Financial Aid & Scholarships

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There are many options available to help fund your education abroad experience, including traditional financial aid and scholarship opportunities, as well as Kennesaw State University's unique Global Learning Scholarship.

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  • Financial Aid

    Financial aid is far more available for education abroad programs than students commonly imagine. The Financial Aid Office at Kennesaw State has been gracious enough to create a handbook specifically for Education Abroad Students.

    See Education Abroad Financial Aid Resource Guide.

  • Global Learning Scholarship

    Kennesaw State University understands that, for many students, meeting education abroad program costs can be a challenge. KSU's Global Learning Scholarship, under the auspices of the Office of the Vice President of Student Success, and supported by the Global Learning Fee, helps address this need.

    Application Process & Eligibility

    KSU degree-seeking undergraduate and graduate students in good academic standing who pay the Global Learning Fee and are enrolled in a KSU education abroad experience will be eligible for the scholarship as long as they applied for the education abroad program before the published deadline. Awards will be made until the funds are depleted for the year. Late applicants are ineligible to receive the GLS.

    Students also have the option to elect not to be considered for an award. Applying for an education abroad program does not guarantee an award. In addition, non-KSU students and transient students are ineligible to receive the GLS.

    See the following rules about eligibility requirements.

    • A minimum adjusted GPA of 2.5 is required for undergraduate students, while a minimum adjusted GPA of 3.0 is required for graduate students. Please be aware that specific education abroad programs may have a higher GPA requirement to participate. Recipients must appliy and be accepted into an education abroad program.                                                                                                                                              
    • Students must be enrolled in and working toward completion of an undergraduate or graduate degree at Kennesaw State University.

    • All scholarship recipients are required to complete five hours of community service prior to being awarded the GLS.  Applicants also meet this requirement if their education abroad program has a built-in service component.

      To access the Global Learning Scholarship Application Form, log into your education abroad program application online and select "Application Questionnaires" and then "Community Service Acknowledgment" for more information.                                                                                                                                                                               
    • Effective Fall 2017, all GLS awards are $1000.                                                                                      
    • Students MUST complete the GLS application through OwlLife by the published deadline to be considered for the scholarship. The scholarship is NOT awarded automatically. GLS applications will be accepted according to the deadlines below.                                                                                                    
        • Spring 2017 Programs: September 15 - November 30
        • Summer 2017 Programs (including Maymester): January 15 - March 15 
        • Fall 2017 Programs: April 15 - June 30 

    See the Global Learning Scholarship Homepage for more details.

  • Emerson Scholarship for the Advancement of International Education

    The Emerson Scholarship provides financial assistance to support students who desire to participate in a Kennesaw State summer education abroad program outside of Western Europe, that includes a formal community engagement component. Recipients are awarded up to $2000 that will be applied directly towards the fees associated with their education abroad program after the Global Learning Scholarship has been awarded (if applicable).  If additional funding remains, a second award may be funded.

    • Minimum 3.0 GPA required
    • Must be a full-time undergraduate student
    • Must participate in a summer education abroad program outside of Western Europe
    • Program must include community engagement component
    • Academic reference letter (optional)
    • Must be able to demonstrate financial need
    • Application deadline is November 15, 2017

    Apply for the Emerson Scholarship.

    For more information regarding the Emerson Scholarship, please click here to visit the Emerson Scholarship page.

  • Barry & Sylvia Hyman Endowed International Education Scholarship

    The Barry and Sylvia Hyman Endowed International Education Scholarship was established in honor of Dr. E. Howard Shealy for his years of exceptional service to the study abroad program in Montepulciano, Italy. This scholarship will provide financial assistance to students properly enrolled in the Great Books Honors Program to study abroad in Italy. Recipients are awarded $1000 to be applied towards the fees associated with their education abroad program.

    • Minimum 3.0 GPA required
    • Must have freshman status and be enrolled in the Great Books Honors Program
    • Must be enrolled full or part-time
    • Must be approved to study abroad in Montepulciano, Italy
    • Application deadline is February 29, 2018

    To apply for this scholarship log on to Owl Express, click the Financial Aid tab, and then click "KSU Scholarship Application".

    For more information regarding the scholarship, contact Liza Davis at or visit the Honors College Scholarship webpage.

    Robin Schmidt Shore Endowed Scholarship

    The Robin Schmidt Shore Endowed Scholarship will provide financial assistance to freshman students admitted to the Great Books Honors Program to study abroad in Italy. Recipients are awarded $2200 to be applied towards the fees associated with their education abroad program.

    • Minimum 3.0 GPA required
    • Must have freshman status and be enrolled in the Great Books Honors Program
    • Must be enrolled full-time
    • Must be approved to study abroad in Montepulciano, Italy
    • Application deadline is February 29, 2018

    To apply for this scholarship log on to Owl Express, click the Financial Aid tab, and then click "KSU Scholarship Application".

    For more information regarding the scholarship, contact Liza Davis at or visit the Honors College Scholarship webpage.

  • External Scholarships

    Below you will find a listing of external scholarships that award money to students participating in education abroad programs.

    LIVFund Scholarship

    • Two $500 Scholarships for programs in Latin America
    • Short-and Long-Term programs eligible
    • Award recipients required to blog while abroad

    Gilman Scholarship

    • Up to $4,000
    • For education abroad programs lasting four-plus weeks or traveling to more than one country
    • Must be a U.S. citizen undergraduate student
    • Must be a Pell Grant recipient
    • Additional $3,000 available to those studying a Critical Need Language

    Multimedia resources available for Gilman applicants
    Selection criteria advice

    Please contact the Education Abroad Office at for Gilman Scholarship approval and counseling.

    Boren Scholarship

    • Covers the cost of your study abroad program (including tuition & fees)
    • Must be a U.S. citizen
    • Preference is given to students going abroad for one year, but semester and summer programs are eligible (minimum of 8 weeks abroad)
    • Ideal candidate is studying an underrepresented language and culture while studying abroad
    • Within three years of graduation, the recipients must work for one year in the Department of Defense, Homeland Security, State, or Intelligence Community

    Please contact the Education Abroad Office at for Boren Scholarship approval and counseling.

    Go Overseas Scholarships

    • Up to $1,000
    • For any education abroad program including scholarships for teaching and volunteering abroad

    Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society Study Abroad Grants

    • $1,000
    • For any education abroad program
    • Must have a 3.5 GPA
    • Available to both undergraduate and graduate students

    Golden Key Scholarship

    • $1,000
    • Undergraduate award based on academic merit and relevance of education abroad to field of study

    Rotary International

    • Grants range from $12,000 to $26,000
    • Requirements vary based on type of scholarship
    • Minimum of three months studying abroad

    LEXIA International Scholarships

    ISEP Scholarships

    • For students going on an ISEP program

    Whitaker International Program

    • Must be U.S. citizenship OR be a permanent legal resident
    • Be in the field of biomedical engineering/bioengineering or a closely-related field (Chemical, Mechanical or Electrical Engineering with substantive interest and background in Biomedicine).*
    • At the time of your grant start date, be no more than 3 years from the receipt of your most recent degree, or be currently enrolled.
      Example: If you are applying for the 2015-16 award, the earliest you can start your grant is July 1, 2015 so if you are not currently enrolled, your last degree should have been awarded no earlier than June 30, 2012.
    • Have language ability to carry out the proposed project in the host country at the time of departure.

    Fund for Education Abroad Scholarships

    • General and dedicated scholarships up to $10,000
    • Must be a U.S. citizen of permanent resident
    • Minimum four-week program duration
    • Work to support education abroad on campus
    • Preference given to program that include language and/or substantial service-learning components
    • Preference given to non-traditional destination

    Region-Specific Scholarships

    Study in Australia

    • Database of scholarships for students studying abroad in Australia

    Freeman-ASIA Scholarship

    • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
    • Must be an undergraduate studying in East or Southeast Asia
    • Minimum 2.8 GPA
    • Based on a demonstrated financial need
    • Minimum 8 week program for summer term or 12 week program for semester term

    Language-Specific Scholarships

    Department of Education Scholarship Programs in China

    • Awards vary from $500 to $8,000
    • Based on merit, financial need, and previous language experience

    Bridging Scholarships for Study in Japan

    • $2,500 (semester program) and $4,000 (year program)
    • Must be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident studying in Japan
    • Any field of study is eligible and Japanese language is not a prerequisite

    MEXT Japanese Studies Scholarship

    • Undergraduate level
    • Applicants must be enrolled at a university outside of Japan as undergraduate students majoring in fields related to the Japanese language or Japanese culture at the time of arriving in and leaving Japan
    • Scholarship offers full coverage of tuition and fees, airfare, and monthly living stipend
    • Program is for one year

    Scholarships for Graduate Students

    NSEP Graduate International Fellowships

    • Awards range from $12,000 to $30,000
    • Minimum of one semester abroad

    Fulbright Scholarships

    • Grants available for teaching, research, and graduate studies
    • Available to both U.S. citizens and incoming foreign students
  • Fundraising Ideas

    The following resources can help you identify even more scholarships and opportunities to fund your education abroad experience:

    Raising the Money

    This guide was written by KSU’s Education Abroad Office to help lessen the burden of financing a study abroad by telling you about fundraising and other ideas to raise money for your program.

    1) Do it Yourself

    1. Send Letters/Email to Family, Friends, & Others – You’d be surprised at who may be willing to help fund your study abroad experience. Send letters or emails (though letters might seem more sincere) and explain how you’ll be studying abroad. Describe the nature of the program, what you’ll be learning, why you decided to study abroad, and why you think it is a solid investment in your future. You can ask for a specific amount ($50-$100 is fairly standard) or leave it up to them. Whatever you do, make donating easy! This can be used in conjunction with a crowdfunding website (for more information, see the section on “Crowdfunding”.)

      Most importantly, write thank you letters to any supporters and stay in touch with them while studying abroad!

    2. Tap Into Hometown Resources - Did you grow up in one town your whole life? Turn to community groups and alumni associations from your hometown, county, or state as a means of support. Research local civic groups such as Rotary, Elks, Kiwanis, Lions, or other special-interest groups who might be interested in sponsoring you. One method of drumming up support is offering to hold an educational seminar or presentation about your travels for the group upon your return. Additionally, an announcement in a high-school or college alumni newsletter (or fraternity/sorority alumni organization letter) may prove a solid method for gaining more financial support.

    3. Connect with Your Place of Worship or Other Communities You’re Involved with - Your personal church, mosque, synagogue, etc. may be willing to hold a special collection during their religious service or general meeting specifically in your honor. Approach the proper leaders to organize this collection and provide any helpful information; it is important to find the best way to communicate your mission, your cause, and your need for support to the people in your network who might be able to contribute to your efforts. Additionally, the religious organization itself may be willing to sponsor you directly!

    4. Find local heritage groups - Look for local heritage groups or language associations related to the country you are visiting or to your own personal heritage. You can also approach local businesses or foundations that you and your family have patronized or been part of and ask them to make a donation to your studies. You’ll be surprised who will donate, so don’t be afraid to ask! 

    5. 15-Minutes of Fame - Alert local newspapers, radio and television stations about your plans for studying abroad, and see if they are interested in partnering with you for your efforts. Pitch ideas that are mutually beneficial, such as writing regular letters to be published in the local paper or offering to do an interview upon returning. Write an article for your talking about the cause, event or organization you are fundraising for, and ask for donations. This would also be a great way to gather more support for your upcoming fundraising event, such as those outlined in the next idea!
    6. Have a Bake Sale, a Yard Sale, Any Kind of Sale! - A great way to get the greater community involved in your project, or at the very least aware of your project, is to host your very own sale event. Have friends and family volunteer to help out on the actual day of the event, and to pass out flyers around the community. Get rid of your old junk to make room for new memories (or souvenirs!). Be creative, tap into your inner entrepreneur, and discover just how generous even strangers can be.

      Some ideas include: Run errands for people; offer public classes or private lessons (dancing, self-defense, foreign languages, any special skill!); grab your goofiest friends and create a haunted house. For the complete list of ideas, visit the GoOverseas Blog and scroll down to Idea #8.

    2) Business Partnerships

    1. Work with a Fundraising Company - Below are listed several websites where you can connect with a professional fundraising company and sell their products for a certain percentage of sales. However, we do caution students while doing these kinds of fundraisers to keep a critical eye out, as the companies can sometimes require students pay upfront for the product or offer some kind of deposit. Only do product-selling fundraising if you are sure of the legitimacy of the company. That said, this can be an effective way of raising money for a study abroad and unlike other methods, you aren’t asking for charity; you’re offering people something they might want.

      Fast Track Fundraising
      Buy For Charity Fundraising

    2. Merchant Plan - A merchant plan is a step-by-step outline covering the development of a mutually beneficial relationship with area merchants. Local businesses are an excellent fundraising resource. They should be part of every non-profit group’s fundraising strategy. For more information, visit the Fundraiser Help Website.

    3. Employment – Like your mom and dad always told you, there’s no substitute for hard work. Find a part-time (or even full-time) job. If you already have one, great! Start setting aside a portion of your paycheck each week towards study abroad. To resist the urge to spend it, set up a separate account to hold the money in or have it direct deposited into your parents’ account. Look for regular and irregular work – from fast food & retail to babysitting & house painting, there’s a lot of opportunities out there to earn extra money.

    3) Crowdfunding

    1. In the past few years, the rise of “Crowdfunding” websites, where individuals can promote a project, idea, or movement, and allow other individuals to donate to the cause, have taken off in popularity. You can create your own crowd funding page, set a fundraising goal, and send it to friends, family, and even coworkers to help raise money for your study abroad trip! These websites typically charge 4%-5% if you meet your fundraising goal. If you fail to meet your goal, the generated funds may be returned to all of the donators. Be sure to read your options carefully before signing up.

      We recommend using only the websites below unless you’re familiar with another site (Please note, they do charge anywhere from a 4%-9% fee on whatever donations are collected):

      Go Fund Me
      Indie Go Go
      Funding 4 Learning
      Kickstarter (Most successful with creative and arts-based education abroad trips)