Internship Program

Thank you for your interest in the ICA Institute. At the institute, we are proud of the opportunities we provide our researchers and interns.

We welcome applications from all qualified individuals who are interested in interning with us. For more information, please contact Dr. Pamila Dembla, Director, ICA Institute at or 470-578-2319.

ICA Interns

Tuneer MukherjeeTuneer Mukherjee is an intern at the India China America Institute. Tuneer lives in Washington D.C. and conducts research on behalf of ICA from there, he also reports on events pertaining to the strategic interests of countries in the Indo-Pacific region. He is originally from Calcutta, India and has lived in three different countries in the last six years. Tuneer recently completed his Masters in International Service from the School of International Service and has another masters degree in International Relations from the University of Warwick,England. He did his undergraduate degree from the University of Toronto. majoring in Economics and Political Science. Tuneer in his thesis, researched Indo-Pacific maritime strategy and its impact on regional monetary cooperation. Tuneer has been an active student leader throughout his undergraduate and graduate study and hopes to use that experience to increase ICA's social media outreach.

Growing up in Calcutta, Tuneer faced the paradox of living under a democratically elected Marxist government in a country that was undergoing economic liberalization. This effect of clashing ideologies led him to study economics and then eventually political science. Tuneer's current interest is international relations where he hopes to examine the clashing ideologies of the international system between the West and the East.


Stephen ErnstStephen Ernst grew up as the son of expatriates in Paraguay and has lived a combined eight years in India, South Korea, Costa Rica, Germany, and Austria. After completing his B.A. in Media Studies, he worked with various nonprofits in India as a documentary videographer and lecturer on fundraising strategy, traveling the length and breadth of the country- from Kashmir to Kanyakumari to Kohima. Over the course of four years, he spent hundreds of hours listening to Indian business and nonprofit leaders, learning about the struggles they faced and the unrecognized comparative advantages they commanded. These experiences form the inevitable lens through which he views his work.

In 2015, Ernst earned his Master’s from Brandeis University in International and Global Studies, an international “political economy” degree with roughly half of the coursework taken in the International Business School and half taken in the Heller School for Social Policy. While at Brandeis, he studied under China economic expert Gary Jefferson, democracy expert Rajesh Sampath, and nonprofit strategic management expert Tom McLaughlin, among others. Ernst wrote his Master’s thesis on the long-term benefits of the “brain drain” to countries of origin. He is especially interested in the potential of corporate social responsibility to produce a virtuous circle wherein a company’s measurable social impact (cases of malaria treated, scholarships sponsored, etc.) is leveraged to increase consumer business and trust, which in turn drive profit, and with it, the capacity for greater social impact.