Additional links to books, online presentations, blogs, and other sources for research into the interconnectedness of the economies of India, China, and the Americas.

  • Education for Innovation

    A collection of articles arising out of the Education for Innovation conference held in 2007 by ICA Institute and Emory University.

  • Chindia Rising

    This is Dr. Jagdish N. Sheth's latest book. The rise of Chindia is not only inevitable, but it will be beneficial to the world economy. It will be, of course, beneficial to businesses and entrepreneurs, but also to the masses at the bottom of the pyramid (people who earn less than $2 a day).

  • Journal of Emerging Knowledge on Emerging Markets

    Click here to read or find how out how to submit working papers to the ICA Institute's working papers journal.

  • China Biz Blog

    Read or contribute to ICA Institute's Chindia Biz blog, Leading the way to emerging opportunities. E-mail your original blog contributions of current event/business news analysis or business advice with your name and brief bio to