Register with On Call International

Kennesaw State University travelers can register with On Call International in order to access valuable information about their destination, such as safety information, travel advice, cultural information, weather, etc.

When registering, use your Kennesaw email address as this is what authenticates you as a valid user. When you press "Sign In," you will see a pop up that advises you to check your email for a link to access the site. There is no login after this, just follow the link in your email and you will be automatically logged in.

Register Here for On Call International


TripHub App

You can also register with On Call International using their mobile app, TripHub, which can be downloaded from the iTunes App Store and the Android Goolgle Play Store.

In order to register to use the app for the first time, you will need to enter the Membership Code "1000" and use your Kennesaw email address. If your Kennesaw email address was used to register your trip then the trip will sync with the app. If your trip was not registered with your Kennesaw email then many of the features of the app are still available, but you will not see your trip. This means you cannot adjust the alert preferences specific to the trip and will not see the auto incident alerts within the app. However you can create other alert profiles for yourself.