Affidavit of Support

For a breakdown of fees necessary to prove on the I-20, please see the Estimated Cost of Attendance (First Year at KSU) handout.

Also see the Third-Party Payments and Wire Transfers Form.

International Student Proof of Financial Support

You are required to certify that you will have available the sum of USD $35,000 for your studies at Kennesaw State University (KSU), exclusive of travel expense. KSU does not provide funds for financial aid to foreign students. The original financial statement in US$ from your institution(s) must be sent to KSU in order to receive an I-20. You may also need a second original statement along with the KSU I-20 received to prove to the United States Consular that you have sufficient funds for your studies. We suggest, therefore, that you have double copies of these documents (one for KSU and one for the consular).

1) Financials will be reviewed to determine if they are original copies. Scans, internet print outs, and photo copies will not be accepted. Originals will need to be post mailed or brought in person.

2) Currency must be clearly marked on financials with English translation if necessary. An online currency conversion can be made if funds are not in USD$. Print the conversion and submit with the bank statement.

3) All financial statements must also be submitted with a sponsor letter, unless the funds are in the student's name. The sponsor letter must include a signature and contact information. Acceptable affidavits include: a personal letter, a financial guarantee from an institution, a US I-134 form, or the KSU affidavit form which is most common. We need I-134 if the sponsor is a citizen or Permanent Resident.

4) We will accept financials from the student and in addition, up to 2 sponsors. All statements must show the account holder name(s), the financial institution name, and contact information, such as an address, website, and telephone number. Documents must be verifiable if we need to contact the institution. This means that requesting a document showing the entire account number may be necessary and required. If a sponsor document has more than one sponsor listed, then an affidavit is needed from both sponsors to show agreement in educational funding.

5) No statement will be accepted if it is a retirement account, fixed or frozen account. Funds must be available by the first day of class. Any such account will need additional proof that the money is liquid and usable for educational purposes at the time tuition payments are necessary. We will not accept assets such as a property declaration as this is not liquid.

6) Statements from a business account, showing ONLY the business name, require additional proof of ownership and or sponsorship for the student. We may require that the business make a statement that the funds can be used for educational purposes of said student.

7) Account statements need to be within 6 months of the program start date. Funds may need to be proven that they have been in the account for more than 3 months in some cases. Large sums of transfers not in the account for more than 3 months will need to have a paper trail, proof of transfer, and if necessary an additional affidavit of support.

8) Financials will be in the amount of usd$35000 or more for Graduate, Doctoral and Undergraduate students. Dependents will add an additional $6000 for spouse and $5000 per child. If the program is a premium program, we will ask for additional funding to cover the premium cost. All funds must be available by the first day of class.