Graduation Checklist

Use the following tips and timeline to organize your plans prior to graduation and departure from KSU.

One semester before your expected graduation date:

  • File a formal application for graduation with the Office of the Registrar or through OWL Express

Beginning of your final semester:

  • Meet with your academic advisor. Make sure you are completing all requirements for your degree and you will be ready to graduate at the end of the semester.

  • Make an appointment with and advisor in the SEVIS Compliance Office. You will discuss your options after graduation and fill out an End of Program agreement. If you are taking less than full-time credit hours you will also need to have a reduced course load authorized in SEVIS. Make an appointment via email at

2-3 months before graduation

  • If family and friends are visiting for the commencement ceremony, prepare for their arrival by looking into places for them to stay. If your relatives and friends will need tourist visas to enter the US, remind them to apply for the visa at the US embassy or consulate closest to them. Please see Visitor Visitor Information for Inviting Visitors for Graduation. Please note, SEVIS advisors do not issue invitation letters. Invitations are requested via the Registrar's Office using the Graduation Invitation Form.

  • Start the job search if you’re interested in staying in the United States for employment.

1 month before leaving the US or graduating and moving

  • Notify your landlord or housing office that you will be vacating your apartment. Most leases require 30-days written notice. Check your lease for details.

  • Make sure your roommates are aware of your plans.

  • Agree on a date to have a check-out appointment with your landlord and discuss your deposit if you had one.

  • Call all your utility accounts and newspaper/magazine subscriptions:

    • Phone service
    • Cell phone
    • Gas
    • Water
    • Electric
    • Garbage
    • Cable TV
    • Internet
    • Newspapers/Magazines
    • Renter’s Insurance

  • Make arrangements with your bank to close your account(s).

  • Consider what to do with your vehicle if you have one.

  • Contact health insurance, car insurance, and life insurance companies to discuss coverage options and whether to close the account.

  • Leave a forwarding address at your local Post Office so they can send your mail to your new address.

  • Pay any fines you may have (library, parking, etc.) If you owe money to Kennesaw State University your official transcript will not be released. Return any library books overdue.

  • Contact shipping or storage companies for best rates to ship/store your personal items.

  • Sell miscellaneous furniture, appliances, computers, automobiles, bikes, etc. by holding a garage sale or placing the items on a website such as Craigslist or EBay.

  • You can also give away items to a local thrift shop, such as the Salvation Army or Goodwill.

  • Unsubscribe to e-mail lists you no longer need.

  • Contact the Alumni Association and register yourself to receive updates and establish yourself with the Kennesaw State University Alumni Community!