On-Campus Employment

Who is Eligible?

Students who receive an I-20 from Kennesaw State University and are maintaining F-1 status at our school are eligible to work on-campus with approval from the SEVIS Compliance Office.

In general, there are two kinds of on-campus jobs:

  1. Kennesaw State University (graduate assistantships, student assistantships, school library, etc.)

  2. Private Vendors / Companies who provide on-campus services to students, such as the bookstore and the cafeteria.

If you have questions about any type of employment on campus, or if you are changing status to F1, or if you have lost your F1 status, ask the SEVIS Compliance Office first before accepting employment.

How Can I Get Approval?

There are two different processes for employment approval, one for graduate assistantships (GA. GTA. GRA), and another for all other on campus positions.

If you have secured a graduate assistantship, make an appointment via email to SEVIS@kennesaw.edu and bring your I-20 and signed graduate contract from Human Resources.

For all other positions, you and your supervisor should fill out the Supervisor Employment Acknowledgement Contract Form. After filling out the form make an appointment to see an the SEVIS Compliance Office adviser via email at SEVIS@kennesaw.edu

Frequently Asked Questions

  • You are eligible for on-campus employment from your first semester. IMPORTANT! Before starting any employment you should come to the SEVIS Compliance Office to report. Don’t forget to bring your immigration documents with you.

  • You need to stop employment immediately if:

    • You have completed your program of study, or
    • You have transferred to another school, or
    • You have failed to maintain your legal F-1 status, or
    • You have let your I-20 expire, or you have changed your immigration status to a status that does not allow this type of employment.
  • F-1 students at Kennesaw State can work part time (up to 20 hours/week) while school is in session and full time (more than 20 hours/week) during the summer and during holidays/breaks.
  • Come to the SEVIS Compliance Office to discuss this with an advisor.
  • An F-1 student may participate in on-campus employment and CPT and may not exceed an aggregate of 20 hours of employment per week. The F-1 student may work full-time during those periods when school is not in session or during the student’s annual break. In this context, the F-1 student must remember that the primary purpose for being in the United States and way of maintaining status is enrollment in an SEVP-certified school. An F-1 student may not participate in OPT and on-campus employment. For more information please see the ICE employment page.