The PEGS Experience

A bachelor’s degree and a solid GPA no longer guarantee success after college. The PEGS program challenges its students to go further and dig deeper.

Watch the video below and hear what current PEGS students have to say about the program.

Areas of Success

PEGS Students benefit from a unique, intentional curriculum designed to promote student success. In addition to priority registration and team building within the cohort, PEGS students will grow as leaders from experience and activities in the following areas.

PEGS Portfolio

  • PEGS students participate in a multi-year leadership development curriculum that provides practical application to all aspects of life.

    During their first semester at KSU, students learn about leadership through a three-credit course on essential leadership theories in a way that asks them to define their personal purpose, clarify their values, and focus on success. This course is the launching point for an optional Leadership Studies certificate program offered by KSU’s University College

    From that point on, students apply this enhanced self-knowledge by earning leadership positions within student groups and other extracurricular organizations.

    For instance, in both 2016 and 2013, the President of the KSU Student Government Association came from the PEGS program. This means that the person representing, and selected from, a student population of about 34,000 people has come from our cohort of only 25 people twice in the past four years, and exceptional rate of success.

  • To do advanced academics and conduct research in any field, individuals need to know how to extract information from data.

    For that purpose, the PEGS students, as a cohort, take a special section of Introduction to Statistics. This course introduces students to the process of gathering, structuring, and analyzing data. Students will take their first steps in using analytical software when completing their projects.

    PEGS students have gone on to participate in elite academic experiences within Kennesaw State, such as the Coles Scholars and the Birla Carbon Scholars programs. The capacity to think critically and analytically, along with the ability to extract insight from numbers, leads to these successes.


  • The world is a vibrant place, full of unique individuals and contrasting ideas. The ability to appreciate, recognize, and embrace difference -- in every sense of the word -- is critical to success in college, in the job market, and, more importantly, in life.

    As part of their leadership development, PEGS students take a strategic look at intercultural competency through deep international travel experiences. We travel to both Costa Rica and Italy as a cohort. While in country, we are not just tourists. We actually dive into social projects that are important and active in those countries.

  • Engagement in the local, national, and global community is an important aspect of intellectual and professional development. PEGS students have the opportunity to find their passion through local service projects conducted with their cohort.

    The PEGS program has embedded relationships with several on-and off-campus nonprofit organizations, especially those that help young people through challenging times in their lives. Our students recognize the importance of giving back to those in need.

    In the process, our students develop track records of community involvement. Personal success can only be accelerated if that success leads to a better world.

  • Preparing students for scholarships and internships is critical to the mission of PEGS. Participants benefit from one-on-one guidance in their pursuit of extended academic opportunities from their first semester on campus until their last.
    PEGS students have received a variety of national and international scholarships, including:

    • Fulbright United Kingdom Summer Institute
    • Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program
    • Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program
    • Rotary Scholarship to the University of Oslo, Norway.
    • Prestigious internships at institutions such as the Carter Center, the Centers for Disease Control, and the Pentagon.