The Annual Country Study Program has brought many internationally acclaimed professors, artists, and speakers to Kennesaw State University. For over 30 years the program has delivered interesting presentations and events with the mission of cultivating a cohesive interdisciplinary educational experience for KSU's students, faculty, and staff.  

Over the years the Year of program has collected an abundance of information regarding the the countries and regions it has focused on. This information is not only important for program, can also be used by any one who wishes to deepen their understanding of a country or region. 

  • The Year of the Portuguese Speaking World shared culture and traditions from three different continents. This comprised of the nine Portuguese speaking countries - Angola, Brazil, Cape Verde, East Timor, Equatorial Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, Portugal, and São Tomé and Príncipe. Highlights from this year includ a live dance performances, a student symposium, and a conference on the Confluence and Divergence in the Portuguese Speaking World.

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  • The Year of the Arabian Peninsula focused on seven countries - Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. During the year, KSU hosted Women of Oman: Changing Roles & Transnational Influence, a conference addressing the increased participation of women in the public spaces in Oman. The Year of the Arabian Peninsula held several exhibits and performances such as the Arabic Festival, and the Oud Hobbyists Group and Al Najoom Dance Troupe.

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  • The Year of Japan looked at various topics ranging from the country’s economy, Authentic Japanese Karate, and disaster relief. Kennesaw State University hosted the Humanitarian Responses to Crisis Conference, which focused on Japan’s role in responding to domestic and international crisis. Several special events were also held, including Clifton Karhu’s Woodblock Prints, and Rakugo: Japanese Comic Storytelling.

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  • The Year of Ghana brought Ghanaian culture, politics and economics to Kennesaw State University. This included lectures on Pan Africanism, the oil and gas industry in the Ghana, and African philosophy. The school also hosted Ghana: A Model for Democratic Governance, Economic Growth and Sustainable Development, an international conference and business forum. One of KSU’s most exciting moments came in September 2013, when President Dramani Mahama visited KSU, becoming the first head of state to visit the university.

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  • The year of Peru encapsulated different aspects of Peruvian culture and ancient history. Talks on Machu Picchu, the importance of food and variety in the country, and classic Peruvian novels. KSU held a conference on Understanding Peru through Visual, Culinary, Performance, and literary Culture, which included musical performances, a round table discussion and various presentations on Peruvian culture. In the fall, students held a panel discussion on their experience istudying abroad and in the Spring, the Concierto Indio for Cello and Orchestra performed with the KSU Symphony Orchestra in the Bailey Performance Center.

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  • The year of Romania examined Romanian life and culture in rich detail through a plethora of campus events. These events ranged from ancient history, to its lavish culture and traditions. The Invisible Body, Conspicuous Mind a contemporary art exhibit held in Sturgis Library and Mahala Raï Banda, Gypsy Band musical performance introduced students and faculty to traditional Romanian culture.

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  • The year of Korea invited Kennesaw State University’s to experience Korean culture, and learn about the country’s economy and global importance. Events from this year included lectures on Korean art, history, and a student panel discussion on their study abroad. The conference, Korea in Global Context, included the screening of Tiger Spirit, a documentary film by Min Sook Lee, and held talks focusing on Korea’s recent and ancient history. The Korean Traditional Music Orchestra of Hanyang University from Seoul, also performed at KSU

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  •  The Year of Turkey brought Turkish culture and tradition to the Kennesaw State University campus. Events such as Year of Turkey day brought Turkish food and music to students interested in learning about the country. The conference on Alliance of Civilizations looked at Turkey’s role in the world today. An art exhibit titled A Turkish Prayer Room, and music performance by the Mehter Janissary Band also introduced KSU students to the unique culture. 

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  • The Year of the Atlantic World highlights the complex relationship of countries historically tied to colonial Atlantic expansion. Presenters spoke on topics such as Atlantic slave trade, European expansion and the environment. The conference on the Globalization: Migration, Citizenship and Identity, and the Africa and the Americas: Cultural Representation and Social Movements brought important historical analysis to complex topics. The week of Francophone Film Festival and The Heroic Present: The Gypsy Photographs of Jan Yoors, brought unique artwork and cultural from the far corners of the Atlantic world.

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  • The Year of Kenya took a wide-ranging look at the country’s early history up to its current events. Events also included presentations on Kenyan businesses, Islamic Society and sustainable living in the country. 

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  • The Year of China highlighted Chinese culture and politics. This included presentations on Human Rights, Geography, and manufacturing. KSU hosted the 16th annual SINO_American Education Consortium and musical guests The Silken Phoenix performed in Stillwell Theater. 

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  •  The year of France brought a variety of French culture, history and tradition to Kennesaw State University. This included lectures on Gender portrayal, French immigration, and science and culture in the country. To help students interact more with French culture, the Annual Country Study Program partnered with various organizations such as the student lead French club, and held a community tour taking students and staff to local French restaurants and businesses. 

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  •  The Year of Spain brought to Kennesaw State University the richness of Spanish culture. Along with cultural presentations, lectures on women’s rights, Spain in the EU and the Spanish civil war were also held throughout the year. 

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