Portuguese Fado and Brazilian Choro Featuring: Fadista Catarina Avelar and Quarteto Viagem

Concert Update

Regrettably, the fado trio featuring Catarina Avelar has cancelled their appearance on Thursday night’s program due to difficulties with travel. Quartet Viagem will extend their performance time to provide a more complete program. Any patrons wishing to receive a refund on their ticket purchase should contact Ticket Alternative at 1-877-725-8849. 

Thursday, February 11th, 2016
8:00 PM
Bailey Performance Center

This concert brings renowned Brazilian choro musical group Quarteto Viagem to Kennesaw State University. The performance is part of the Year of the Portuguese Speaking World spring conference, Confluence and Divergence in the Portuguese Speaking World.

Tickets are $13 for KSU students and faculty. General admission is $15. Group and senior/military discounts are also available.

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About Quarteto Viagem

Andy ConnellQuarteto Viagem (The Voyage Quartet) is a group made up of three Brazilians and an American dedicated to playing music from the Brazilian choro repertoire. A popular Brazilian instrumental music dating to the late 19th century, choro combines European harmonies and song forms with Afro-Brazilian rhythms and improvisation. Never a museum piece, choro is a music that is very much alive today and is currently enjoying a renaissance both in Brazil and internationally. Quarteto Viagem’s repertoire draws on the entire history of choro, ranging from foundational artists like Chiquinha Gonzaga and Ernesto Nazareth to classic composers such as Pixinguinha and Jacob do Bandolim. At the same time, while the group draws inspiration from traditional choro, Quarteto Viagem also bring a sense of malícia (playfulness) to their performance, breaking down boundaries of geography and style in ways that allows the group to expresses their pan-American identity.

Quarteto Viagem's members include:

  • Andrew Connell – clarinet and saxophone
  • Richard Miller – 7-string guitar
  • Vitor Gonçalves – accordion
  • Sergio Krakowski – pandeiro and percussion