Call for Papers

 Submission Guidelines

  • Deadline for abstract submissions: October 1, 2019
  • Word limit: 250 words plus a few sentences of professional bio and institutional affiliation
  • Notification of acceptance to present at the conference: December 1, 2019
  • Conference abstracts and inquiries:

*Please submit your abstracts to

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 Formats for Conference Presentations

Individual Presentations:

These are typically topical presentations for a 15 minute slot. The presenter will prepare a conference paper that will be presented and is typically a more focused, narrower version of their overall project. The conference committee will organize accepted abstracts into sessions based on overlapping themes

The following may take two forms based on the nature and depth of accepted abstracts:

  • Session Type:
  • Themed Session
    These sessions at conference primarily include completed research or scholarly work. The presentations will be grouped by topic or theme into sessions that include several related presentations. This facilitates audience attendance and organizes topics at the conference.
  • Roundtable Session
    Roundtable sessions allow the presenter the opportunity to interact and converse more with the audience. Presenters are assigned to a table in a conference room for the duration of the session and interested attendees may join them at their table. These sessions are typically best for position papers, policy analyses, and other types of topics that benefit from extended discussion time.
  • Pre-organized Themed Panel Discussions (90 minute sessions with a maximum of four papers or three papers and a discussant):
    In panel discussions, two or more speakers will present different aspects, perspectives or thoughts on the topics mentioned above (this may include a research problem or question based on proposed or ongoing research). Each speaker will have an opportunity to present their information and when all the speakers are finished, there is typically time for discussion. Panel conveners may include a discussant. Each speaker in a panel will have maximum 15 minutes. There will be 15 minutes of audience/discussion time at the end.
  • Poster Presentations
    Poster presentations are opportunities for a larger number of researchers to present their research in the form a visual poster presentation. The posters are large (often 3' x 4') and provide the researcher with enough space to fully summarize their research in an attractive and professional way. The presenter typically prepares a short oral summary that can be given to those who are interested. Attendees are free to move about the room and examine posters and talk individually to the presenters. This format does allow the opportunity for a research target those that are genuinely interested and engage them in discussion that often allows for more detail. Another advantage of this type of format is that researcher can receive valuable feedback from the attendees.
  • Workshops

    Workshops are interactive sessions that can vary in length from approximately an hour to half a day. If you have an idea please approach the organizers soon to see if your work-shop better fits in a pre-conference format or within the regular conference schedule. These sessions usually begin with explanatory or introductory information and then move on to involve the audience in some type of

    interactive, participatory activity. Workshops and interactive presentations are particularly well suited for demonstrations, learning new skills or procedures, debates, exhibitions and so forth. Considering the relevance of our theme/s we are interested in submissions in this format.