Papers, roundtables, and workshop ideas are invited in the following four related areas.

 Human Rights and Nationalisms

  • Epistemological assumptions
  • Violence in states and movements espousing human rights
  • Structures of accountability within interventions naming human rights goals
  • Legal, ethical, and/or cultural aspects
  • Impacts of technology and social movements, including by extremist populations
  • Geopolitical hegemony
  • Crimes against humanity
  • Migration/immigration
  • New forms of boundary making
  • Under extremist regimes
  • In conflict
  • Human trafficking
  • Truth and reconciliation commissions
  • Traditional media/social media and contemporary conflicts
  • Technonationalisms
  • Rhetoric and representation
  • Emerging Ethno-nationalisms and borders
  • Gender-based violence and extremism

 Diversity/Inclusion Issues and Movements

  • Student activism
  • Transnational solidarities
  • Emerging forms of resilience and resistance
  • Gender and sexuality
  • Youth and children
  • “Race” and ethnicity
  • Religion

  The Nonhuman

  • The states of the environment
  • Trends in philosophy, policy, and law
  • Comparative cultural approaches
  • Indigenous perspectives and modes of activism regarding the nonhuman

 The Possibilities of Interfaith Dialogues

  • Dispelling stereotypes about Other religions, e.g., strategies for responding to Islamophobia
  • Alleviating interreligious violence
  • Misconceptions about Interfaith
  • Limits of Interfaith
  • Case studies