Promoting the Study of Africa in Georgia

The Georgia Consortium for African Studies (GCAS) is a new collaboration with the University System of Georgia Africa Council (USAC) to promote Africa-focused educational programs that are beneficial to the state of Georgia. All member institutions in the University System of Georgia (USG) are invited to participate.

In order to carry out its objectives of supporting and promoting the multidisciplinary study of Africa in the state of Georgia, GCAS will engage in the following activities:

Gold arrow Education Abroad programs in Africa

Gold arrow Faculty Development Seminars in Africa

Gold arrow Seeking grants and other external funding sources for research and other initiatives

Gold arrow Research and Publications

Gold arrow Annual Southeast Model African Union (SEMAU) conferences

Gold arrow Teaching Africa Workshops

Gold arrow Summer Institutes on Africa

Gold arrow Collaborations with African partner institutions for faculty and student exchanges, joint grant seeking, and hosting academic conferences

Gold arrow Biennial Africa-focused conferences and symposium


  • Each GCAS member institution is entitled to the following:

    • Full participation in the design, development, and management of all GCAS programs.
    • A vote on all matters pertaining to GCAS's programs that require a decision by the body.
    • Participation in the nomination and selection of faculty to be considered for teaching in the GCAS education abroad programs.
    • Participation in the selection of courses to be taught in the GCAS education abroad programs.
    • Participation in the selection of destinations for Faculty Development Seminars and in determining the selection criteria of faculty seminar participants.
  • GCAS member institutions commit themselves to the following:

    • Publicizing opportunities for faculties in their respective campuses to participate in all GCAS programs.
    • Promoting GCAS programs on their campuses and actively recruiting students and faculty participation in these programs.
    • Establishing equivalencies for education abroad courses offered through GCAS and implementing procedures for their students to register for these courses.
    • Advising and counseling students and faculty on procedures they must follow to enroll in GCAS education abroad programs, including applying for financial aid and registering for courses.
    • Establishing policy for payment of their institution's faculty who teach and/or direct GCAS abroad programs.
  • Information coming soon!