Since 2012, Kennesaw State University’s Center for Africana Studies has hosted annual faculty development workshops. The workshops are designed to offer guidance and resources for teaching about and against Islamophobia from an African, American and global context.

This website is a collection of resources dedicated to help the KSU community and beyond learn about how Islamophobia impacts us all and what educators can do to help address it through higher education institutions, starting right here at KSU.

It includes material from previous workshops – including summaries of key note presentations and materials covered, resources suggested for use in the classroom, curriculum material, media sources, a scholars directory and more.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere..."
- Dr. Martin Luther King

If you are interested in participating in future KSU workshops on this topic, please contact:

Dr. Nurudeen Akinyemi 
Director of CAS Center at KSU

Dr. Cherif Diop
Professor of English and Literature Studies at KSU

If you would like additional information on the resources and contents on this website or searching for information you are unable to find, feel free to contact Mazida Khan, Project Consultant for Addressing Islamophobia at

Feel free to make full use of the contents and resources on this website to help inform and prepare for any upcoming modules, presentations, events, research projects and more on Addressing Islamophobia.