Past Events

The Confucius Institute organizes and sponsors a wide variety of events each year promoting Chinese language and cultural understanding. See below for a listing of the past events.


  • Colorful China

    Colorful China—Chinese Culture Variety Show

     Date: Oct. 13, 2018

    Location: KSU Bailey Center

    The world-renowned South-Central University for Nationalities Art Troupe made a special stop at the Bailey Center on their U.S. Autumn Tour. Confucius Institute KSU was honored to host the cultural performance which eminently dazzled the audience with a variety of traditional dances of China’s different ethnic minority groups such as Dai, Tibetan, Uighur, and Mongolian dances. The group also performed folk music played on traditional Mongolian music instruments in addition to martial arts and other performing arts. Hundreds of KSU students, faculty/staff and local community members attended the free event which manifested CIKSU’s mission to promote cultural exchange and to enliven cultural life of the public.

    The evening performance was a segment of the celebratory activities for the 10th anniversary of CIKSU. A photo exhibition was constructed to showcase CIKSU’s signature programs in the past ten years simultaneously at the performance center.

    • Forum

      Pema Tseden Movie Appreciation

      Date: Oct. 4th 2018

      Location: Leadership Room, KSU student center

      CIKSU co-sponsored a film appreciation forum with KSU Department of Foreign Languages. More than 60 KSU students, faculty and staff gathered at KSU Student Center to view the movie Tharlo which was produced and directed by the Tibetan director, Mr. Pema Tseden. This movie was nominated for Golden Lion at 72nd Venice International Film Festival.

      Director Pema is enjoying international fame as his movies won more than 20 international and domestic awards. KSU attendees thoroughly appreciated Tharlo and reciprocated with very positive feedback. The students especially valued the Q&A session as the director was present to answer all the questions.

      • 2018 Dragon Boat

        2018 Atlanta Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

        Date: Sept. 8, 2018

        Location: Lake Lanier

        Two teams sponsored by Confucius Institute at Kennesaw State University (CIKSU) participated in the 2018 Atlanta Dragon Boat Festival at Lake Lanier on September 8. Forty-nine CI research scholars, DGA staff and KSU students fully utilized this opportunity to connect with local communities and to present Chinese culture. The festival provided a great opportunity for KSU staff and students to participate in a cross-cultural experience. The festival undoubtedly showcased CIKSU in terms of highlighting its mission and accomplishments.

        The Dragon Boat Race is regarded as one of the premier cultural, diversity events in the Atlanta area. The festival included dragon boat races, team building activities and international cuisine.

        • Qianmen

          2018 Summer Camp for the U.S. Educators

          Date: June 1-14, 2018

          Location: Beijing, Xi'an, Yangzhou, Shanghai (China)

          • tea house

            A Chinese Garden Will be Built in KSU

            Date: Jan 12, 2018

            CIKSU cooperated with Zhejiang A&F University will build a traditional Chinese Garden in KSU main campus. The creator group paticipated in the foundation laying ceremony.

            • tea

              Tea Culture Group of Zhejiang A&F University Visited CIKSU

              Date: Jan 10-12, 2018

              The tea culture group from Zhejiang A&F University gave a wonderful lecture of Chinese Tea in KSU. Professor Xufeng Wang, the winner of Maodun Literature Awards, also introduced the functions of tea to the senior in College of Continuing Education.   

              • Tianjin

                Tianjin Traditional Chinese Orchestra US Tour——Chinese Folk Music Concert

                Date: 8:00 pm, Sept 27, 2017

                Place: Marietta Campus Dance Theatre

                (1100 South Marietta Pkwy Marietta, GA 30060)

                This orchestra is very popular in China and all the Chinese folk musics which they played are classical and famous. 

                • Dragon boat

                  2016 Atlanta Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

                  September 10, 2016, Lake Lanier

                   The annual Atlanta Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, Georgia’s biggest Chinese cultural event of the year, was held in Lake Lanier on Sept. 10. Confucius Institute at Kennesaw State University (CIKSU) supported two teams, including CI teachers and students from Chinese Club and Korean Students Association. And this is the 8th time the CIKSU participate in this event. They witnessed cultural events during the opening ceremonies, and indulged in cuisine from around the world.

                • F1

                  The Premiere of Tea Culture Documentary

                  April 25, 2016, Georgia Public Broadcasting Television Station

                  CIKSU and GPB partnered to produce the tea culture documentary which called “Chinese Tea: Elixir of the Orient” premiered at 7pm on April 25 in Georgia Public Broadcasting Television Station. And this new five-part documentary explores the all-important role of tea in Chinese culture.

                  The premiere was divided into four parts including Tea Tasting, Chinese Refreshments, Folk Music, Documentary. After Tea Tasting, guests could take the elegant teacup as a souvenir. Many people said this was the first time to experience  tea ceremony.

                • ksu opera

                  Peking Opera Performance

                  November 17, SO Atrium, KSU

                  The famous artist of Peking Opera from Confucius Institute at Binghamton University, Linghui Tu, offered a wonderful performance about Peking Opera to KSU students. After the performance, CIKSU prepared various Chinese traditional activities for students to experience Chinese culture. They were quite exciting to have a chance to try on beautiful costumes and play the props by themselves. More than 300 people came to KSU to enjoy the great event.

                • silk words

                  "Silk Words"

                  October 28, 2015, Marietta

                  Invited by CIKSU, an art ensemble from Guangzhou University contributed an excellent show in KSU, Marietta campus. They performed different kinds of Chinese traditional dance such as Dai Dancing, Tibetan Dancing and Man Dancing. Viewers all spoke highly of the performance.

                • secla

                  The 5th Annual Southeast Chinese Language Association Conference

                  October 24, 2015, Kennesaw

                  The 5th Annual Southeast Chinese Language Association Conference was hosted by the Confucius Institute at Kennesaw State University in the metro-Atlanta area. This conference delved into the theme of “Curriculum and Instruction: Teaching Chinese Language in the American Context.” It aims to supplement insight in curriculum development and integration and practical methods of Chinese language acquisition through presentations and forums. More than 150 experts, teachers and students participated in this conference.

                • dragon

                  2015 Dragon Boat Festival

                  September 12, 2015, Lake Lanier

                  Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival was held in Lake Lanier on Sep 12. CIKSU supported two teams, Kennesaw 1 & Kennesaw 2, to participate in this event. Students from KSU and teachers from CI devoted a lot and spent a good weekend gathering together with each other.