The Confucius Institute organizes and sponsors a wide variety of news each year promoting Chinese language and cultural understanding. See below for a listing of the latest news.




Bobby and Ikow took picture with their coach, Mr Chang

Two students took part in the “Chinese Bridge” Competition

April 22, 2018, Dallas, TX

The “Chinese Bridge” Chinese Proficiency Competition held successfully in Dallas, Texas on April 22. Bobby Rattanaxay and Ikwo Wilson took part in this competition and achieved great results through their efforts. This competition covered most of universities in southern USA. Bobby and Ikwo deeply impressed judges and audiences. Including many parents, they were full of praise for Kennesaw State University.

“Chinese Bridge” is a good opportunity to students of KSU. It is not only showcase students in the competition, but also showcase KSU to all the American universities even China. 



Students took group photo with audience

Three high schools celebrated the United Nations Chinese day

 April 20th, 2018, Sprayberry high school

On April 20th, Sprayberry high school, Wheeler high school and North Cobb high school jointly hosted the United Nations Chinese day successfully which was sponsored by CIKSU. Students performed wonderfully including dancing, singing and Chinese Rap. The parents and audience gave them good praise. One parent said that it is the Chinese language that sets up a bridge for the students and it help them to understand the world and more diverse cultures.



Dr. Li was sharing the experience

The 1st Georgia Chinese Dual Immersion Teacher Workshop was successfully held by CIKSU

September 16, 2017, KSU Center

On September 16, CIKSU held the 1st Georgia Chinese Dual Immersion Teacher Workshop in KSU Center. Dr. Wei Li, the director of Confucius Institute in Edmonton, Chinese Immersion Programs Coordinator in Edmonton, Canada and Dr. Greg Barfield, Dual Language Immersion Program specialist gave all participants wonderful speeches. They not only introduced the concepts for all perspectives of Immersion, but also shared a lot of experience for Immersion Class.

Teachers who came from different schools in Atlanta also shared their teaching methods. And the problems they facing were totally resolved through all of teachers’ work.



CI research assistants and students were racing

CI Research Assistants attended 2017 Atlanta Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival

September 9, 2017, Lake Lanier

 The annual Atlanta Hong Kong Dragon Boat Festival, Georgia’s biggest Chinese cultural event of the year, was held in Lake Lanier on Sept. 9. Confucius Institute at Kennesaw State University (CIKSU) supported two teams, including CI research assistants and students from Chinese Club. And this is the 9th time the CIKSU participate in this event. They witnessed cultural events during the opening ceremonies, and indulged in cuisine from around the world.



Orientation of 2017 Summer Camp

Orientation of 2017 Summer Camp for High School Students

CIKSU held the Orientation of 2017 Summer Camp for High School Students

April 29 2017, KSU

CIKSU held the successful orientation for the participants in Chinese Bridge Summer Camp on April 29th. There are over 40 people took part in the orientation, and both students and parents made the great feedback and compliments.

The orientation was divided into 4 parts. Mr. Ken Jin gave a great opening to participants. And the staffs of CI introduced basic information of China. In  addition, lots of questions were resolved in Q&A part.

CIKSU has facilitated the Chinese Bridge program for high school students every year since 2009.  This program is one of the signature programs to support Chinese language and culture education for schools in Georgia. This not only well served the participants and their parents, but also helped with promotion for KSU's Chinese language program since all these students are learning Chinese at their schools.  


Students were taking YCT Test

More than 400 Pupils Took the YCT Test at 3 Locations

March 23 2017, KSU/ Wesley International Academy/ Globe Academy 

On March 18, CIKSU held the YCT test in KSU campus and Wesley campus respectively. And on March 23, parts of the examinees took oral test in Globe campus. More than 400 pupils took the tests at three locations in total.  This is a record breaking event since CIKSU was established.

CIKSU is very successful in many ways, just take YCT as an example:  back in 2010 when they initiated the service, there were only eight test takers.  Seven years later, the number has grown to 412, which more than 51 times.  CIKSU also received many positive comments on organization of the tests and their services from the parents; school administrators; and teachers.  


one belt one road
One Belt One Road Conference

The Conference about “One Belt One Road” Held in Carter Center

March 2, 2017, Carter Center

As one of sponsors of “One Belt One Road – Risks, Challenges, and Opportunities for U.S. Companies” discussion, CI teachers attended the conference on March 2, 2017.

Minister Tian Deyou, Economic and Commercial Minister Counselor at the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to the United States, and Ralph Chow, Regional Director, Americas at Hongkong Trade Development Council made Introductory remarks first. Then, Specialists discussed the details about new opportunities and challenges of “One Belt One Road”. After lunch, James Suciu, as the keynote speaker, gave a wonderful speech and audience were interacted with him frequently.


YCT Testing

Students were taking YCT test

YCT Test was held successfully

November 19, 2016, KSU

On November 19, Confucius Institute at Kennesaw State University held YCT Test successfully. There were 35 students taking this test in total. CIKSU will increase the promotion of professional Chinese tests and test training continually for different students who take different levels to provide more and more convenient opportunities of examination.

Mr Deng goes to WashingtonEditor Shannon Tiezzi stated her opinion

Mr. Carter

CI research assistant took a photo with Mr. and Mrs. Carter

“Mr. Deng goes to Washington” was showed at Carter Center and CI research assistants visited president Carter

November 11 & 13, 2016, Carter Center & Plains

On November 11, the famous Chinese director Hongxing Fu with his documentary "Mr. Deng goes to Washington” came to Carter Center. The meeting about the trend of US-China relations after presidential election was held by Carter Center and CIKSU. There were three parts in the meeting including watching documentary, conference and discussion.

According to the documentary, CI research assistants watched more precious historical shots about Mr. Deng and Mr. Carter, which aroused teachers’ eagerness to visit president Carter. Therefore, director Ken Jin provided an incredible chance for teachers. On November 13, CI research assistants came to Plains, the hometown of president Carter, to visit president Carter.



first ladyMrs. Deal had a talk with director Ken Jin

First Lady of Georgia met CI research assistants

November 10, 2016, Georgia Governor’s Mansion

On November 10, director Ken Jin led CI research assistants to visit Sandra Deal, the first lady of Georgia, in Georgia Governor’s Mansion.

Mrs. Deal welcomed the arrival of director Ken Jin and CI teachers warmly. Chinese teaching of CIKSU was great supported by Mrs. Deal and she thanked CI teachers a lot who went far away hometown and concentrated on education of Georgia. Meanwhile, Mrs. Deal fully affirmed Chinese class and cultural promotion work by CIKSU.


Tai Chi

Students followed CI research assistant doing Tai Chi


CI research assistant taught students to write their names

Welcome Etowah High School students to CIKSU

November 4, 2016, KSU Center

35 teachers and students came from Etowah High School gathered in KSU Center and launched a half-day Filed Trip. CI research assistants led students into different groups that consisted of Tai Chi, Calligraphy, Lanterns, Chopsticks, Tongue Twisters and Shuttlecock.

Students took their own handmade and souvenirs home and understood more Chinese culture through this filed trip. It is understood that the Confucius Institute at Kennesaw State University are enriching the contents of the filed trip and cultural activities constantly and try their best to build a bridge of cultural exchanges between China and the United States.


International Night

Students tasted Chinese food

CI research assistants took part in the International Night of Wheeler High School

November 3, 2016, Wheeler High School

On November 3, Wheeler High School held the International Night successfully.  More than 120 students who come from 24 countries brought a great feast and audio-visual enjoyment. As one of the sponsors of activity, the Confucius Institute at Kennesaw State University not only offered a lot of Chinese delicacy, but also sent seven CI research assistants to participate this carnival.


Mrs Yang

Mrs. Xiaoqing Yang introduced students' diversity


"Family Picture" of 2016 CI research assistants

Medium-Term Training of CIKSU completed successfully

October 22, 2016, KSU

On October 22, 36 CI teachers reunited at CIKSU to attend the one-day medium-term training in the post. This training sponsored by CIKSU and aimed to exchange teaching experience, as well as professional experts imparted teaching experience.

The training divided into four parts to resolve actual problems in study and work, including Understanding Student Diversity and Introduction to Module Units and Sharing Time and Teacher Workshop for Foreign Language and Immersion.  



Teachers sent test permit to examinees 

HSK Test was held successfully

October 16, 2016, KSU

On October 16, 2016, examinees who took different levels of HSK Test handed in their answer sheets and went out the test room with smile.  This is the first time CIKSU held HSK Test this year and HSK Test has been held successfully many times before. HSK is a standardized international Chinese language proficiency test for non-native Chinese speakers for the purposes of academic pursuit, daily and working environment Chinese application.



CI research assistants introduced textbooks

CI research assistants attended 2016 SECLA Annual Conference

 October 9, 2016, Montgomery

The Sixth Annual Southeast Chinese Language Association Conference was held by the Confucius Institute at Troy University on October 8 and October 9, 2016. Teachers of CIKSU participated in this conference. They learnt how to teach Chinese in the American context and introduced textbooks created by CIKSU.


Dr. Yawei Liu shared his opinion on Hillary Clinton
The group photo of CI research assistants in Carter Center

“U.S.-China Relations: After the 2016 Presidential Election Event” held in Carter Center

 August 25, 2016, Carter Center

 “U.S.-China Relations: After the 2016 Presidential Election Event”, organized by the Carter Center and Georgia China Alliance was held in Carter Center on August 25. Confucius Institute at Kennesaw State University supported the event as the Jade Level Sponsor, the highest level of sponsor. Director Ken Jin and Associate Director Yumin Ao and Program Manager Xiaoxiao Ji with CI teachers attended this event.

Dr. Alan Abramowitz, Professor of Political Science at Emory University, Dr. John Garver, Professor Emeritus in the Sam Nunn School of International Affairs at the Georgia Institute of Technology, and Dr. Yawei Liu, Director of China Program of Carter Center, shared their understanding of U.S.- China relations. They presented their views of both the Democratic and Republican party nominees’ positions on China, and what will the U.S.- China relations look like under either Clinton administration or Trump administration, and the impacts on businesses on both sides.


Mr Song showed Chinese writing brush to students

group pic

Mr song took the picture with visitors

“Dan Song’s 100 city character art show tour” comes into CIKSU

August 15, 2016, CIKSU

Mr. Dan Song, a Chinese artist, paid a visit to CIKSU and local schools on the 9th, and held the Chinese art exhibition on the 10th in Confucius Institute at Kennesaw State University. As the seventh station of “Song Dan’s 100 city character art show tour”, CIKSU is the only Confucius Institute hosting the events. 

On August 9th, Mr. Song visited Chinese classes in Sprayberry High School and Wheeler High School. He introduced the art of Chinese characters by showing his artworks that combined Chinese painting and calligraphy, helping American high school students to review the words they had learnt. Different from exhibitions in other cities, Mr. Song gave special attention to the interaction with students. He guided students how to use the Chinese four treasures for Chinese calligraphy. During the interaction, Germán Suárez, the program supervisor of World Languages & Dual Language Immersion Programs at Cobb County School District visited Mr. Song, and Mr. Song gave the "World Language" calligraphy banner as a gift to Germán Suárez.

On August 10th, Mr. Song exhibited series of artworks highlighting "Hundreds of Chinese surname" and “environment protection artworks” in Kennesaw State University Center. Visitors re-examined the relationship between “People” and “Earth” through the “未” (future) character. The exhibition also attracted a large number of employees at KSU. Barbara S. Calhoun, the Dean of Kennesaw State University College of Continuing and Professional Education, expressed a warm welcome and acknowledgement to Mr. Song. Mr. Song’s creative Chinese characters had been regarded as the new symbol of Chinese culture.



Teachers in Macon met their principals

Research assistants in Macon met their principals

A reception dinner for CI research assistants and principals in Macon

July 30, 2016, Macon

A reception ceremony was held for 14 Chinese research assistants from CI on July 30. Director Ken Jin and Program manager Xiaoxiao Ji introduced the new research assistants to the principals from Bibb County School District. The 14 research assistants are going to teaching Chinese in 7 schools.

Principals talked about the foreign language education in their schools and discussed the teaching method with CI research assistants. The new research assistants are looking forward to applying what they have learned in the training into practice in their placement schools from Aug 1st.


Teachers held Cola bottles in World of Coca-Cola

Research assistants held Cola bottles in World of Coca-Cola

The huge aquarium in Georgia Aquarium

The huge aquarium in Georgia Aquarium

Cultural Tour in World of Coca-Cola and Georgia Aquarium

July 29, 2016, Atlanta

 In order to gain deeper insight into American culture, director Ken Jin and Program Manager Xiaoxiao took CI research assistants to World of Coca-Cola. They had learned more about history of Coca-Cola and tried more than 100 drink options in the building.

 In the afternoon, they had a tour in Georgia Aquarium. CI research assistants had a lot of chances to experience life under the sea. Those fun and wonders of the world all could be found here. The aquarium also presented a dolphin show, which became the most exciting part in that day.


Dr. Doug Daugherty took photos with CI teachers

Dr. Doug Daugherty took photos with CI research assistants

Dr. Doug Daugherty gave a speech in KSU

July 28, 2016, Kennesaw

Dr. Doug Daugherty gave a speech on elementary education to new teachers in KSU on July 28. Dr. Doug Daugherty responded to questions that the new research assistants have regarding instructional activities, classroom management, teaching philosophy, professional communication and development. The warm discussion lasted for nearly two hours.

He and teachers also analyzed teaching method including how to engage students in different kinds of class. Lots of new ideas are presented. Dr. Doug Daugherty pointed out that the best way to resolve problems is always to keep open-minded and positive.



Director Ken Jin and Program Manager Xiaoxiao took photos with new teachers

Director Ken Jin and Program Manager Xiaoxiao took photos with new research assistants

Welcome new research assistants from China

July 24-28, 2016, Kennesaw

2016 new research assistants and scholars who come from China arrived in Atlanta on July 24, and they will be assigned to 17 different schools to teach Chinese in 5 counties.

These days, new research assistants and senior teachers got to know each other well. CIKSU settled accommodation and arranged practical training for teachers. A detail orientation was held on July 28.



The main stage of the summit.


CI research assistants came to give support.

Chindia Summit 2016

March 9th, 2016, Atlanta

Launched in 2015, the annual Chindia summit is hosted by the ICA (India, China America) Institute at Kennesaw State University. The topic of this year is Footprint of India and China on the rest of the World. Confucius Institute at KSU gave full support to the event. CI research assistants helped do registration work and received highly appreciation from people who attended the event.



Students who plan to go to China discussed some information about the program with CI research assistants.


CI research assistants' group photo.

C5 Georgia-China Orientation

March 5th, 2016, Atlanta

C5 Georgia-China orientation was held in Coca-Cola Enterprises on March 5th. Students who have applied for the summer program joined the orientation with great enthusiasm. CIKSU gave full support to this event. Meimei Xu hosted the orientation and briefly introduced CI teachers. Qixuan Chen demonstrated three vibrant cities --- Shanghai, Yangzhou and Beijing, with beautiful images and videos; Ya Wu taught some basic Chinese sentences which they may have to use during the program; Hui Zhang provided some common tips while travelling in China. Students who join the program will go to China this summer.



Students sang a Chinese song.


The girl composed music for a traditional Chinese poem.

Chinese New Year Celebration at KSU

February 24th, 2016, Kennesaw

Supported by CIKSU, annual Chinese New Year Celebration hosted by Chinese Club was held at Leadership Room of Student Center of KSU. Over sixty students and faculty showed up in the event. They sang songs, played dancing, performed recitation and made the soundtrack for a Chinese movie. This year's performance from students are very impressive --- it's becoming Talent Show in its real sense. After the event, Dr. Ao from CIKSU introduced Confucius Institute Scholarship Program and invited more KSU students to come to learn Chinese.



CI teachers were waiting for parents and their children.


Groups of parents came to register for their children's YCT test.

YCT On-site Registration at Wesley International Academy

February 16th-17th, 2016, Atlanta

Meimei Xu, with three CI teachers, set up a temporary office table at Wesley International Academy for YCT registration in consecutive days. Many parents came to sign up for their children. CI teachers helped them fill out the forms, cellected their checks and carefully answered their questions. CIKSU had already received about 140 registration forms only from WIA in these two days and it seemed that the number of students taking YCT test may reach new high this year. The test will begin at KSU in the morning of March 19th.




Meimei Xu introduced YCT Test to parents.


On-site registration table.

YCT Test Introduction at ICA

February 10th, 2016, Roswell

On the occasion of the Spring Festival of China, International Charter School at Atlanta held the Spring Festival Celebration on the third day of Chinese Lunar New Year of Monkey. Students sang Chinese songs, played Chinese drama and performed lion dance to audience. Meimei Xu, Program Manager of CIKSU, came to take part in the event with three CI staffs. She introduced YCT test and answered questions from parents. They also set a table for them to make on-site registration for YCT test.



Helen Yung gave immersion training to CI teachers.


Group discussions about curriculum development.

Training Workshop and Spring Festival Celebration

February 6th, 2016, Kennesaw

To celebrate Chinese Lunar New Year, CIKSU ogranised all Chinese teachers in KSU Center and had a training workshop as well. We invited Helen Yung to give teachers from immersion language schools a video training. Dr. Ao also selected some practical teachers to have disccusions about curriculum development. After the workshop, CI teachers enjoyed a delicious Chinese dinner and had fun together to welcome a brand-new year of monkey.





Kaixin Lu presented a model of human body in Lassiter High School.


Students at North Cobb High School tried acupuncture operated by Kaixin Lu.

Traditional Chinese Medicine classes in Lassiter High School and North Cobb High School

January 29th, 2016, Marietta & Acworth

Professor Kaixin Lu had two classes about traditional Chinese meridians respectively in Lassiter High School and North Cobb High School. He introduced "Jing"  and  "Mai", "Yin" and "Yang" with Chinese traditional philosophy. Moreover, he demonstrated cupping glass, acupuncture and Chinese massage during the class. Students were very curious about traditional Chinese medical technology so that they showed great enthusiasm on that. After the class, Kaixin Lu aslo patiently answered students' questions about the topic.



CI teachers had a warm dinner with principals and host families.


CI teachers at Hall County.

Director Ken Jin's Hall County Visit

January 27th, 2016, Gainesville

Director Ken Jin and Program Manager Meimei Xu had a warm dinner with principals and Chinese teachers of Hall County on January 27th. Carrie Woodcock, Head of World Languages and Global Initiatives, Jo Dinnan, Principal of Wauka Mountain ES, Donna Wiggins, Principal of Riverbend ES and Connie Daniels, Principal of Mount Vernon ES came to the dinner. They shared ideas about how to consolidate and improve Chinese teaching program at Hall County and how to strengthen the relationship between CI and Hall County Schools.




Dr. Rajeev Dhawan was giving a lecture.


Director Ken Jin and Kaixin Lu attended the lecture.

ICA event --- 'How Important is China to Global Economic Growth?'

January 28th, 2016, Atlanta

The lecture hosted by India, China & America Institute and Economic Forecasting Center in Sheraton Atlanta Perimeter North Hotel mainly focused on the importance of China in global economic growth. CIKSU supported the event and provided with a delicious Chinese dinner. Director Ken Jin, Kaixin Lu and three CI staffs came to the event with high spirit.




Dr. Ao briefly introduced Peking Opera.


Students took photos with Linghui Tu.

Peking Opera Exhibition In Sprayberry High School

November 18, 2015, Marietta

The third exhibition about Peking Opera was held in Sprayberry High School. Linghui Tu's performance was highly praised by high school students. After the performance, CIKSU also prepared various Chinese traditional activities for students to experience Chinese culture. They were curious and happy to try on beautiful costumes and play the props by themselves.


ics jingju
Linghui Tu is performing water sleeves dancing.

ics jingju

Students are interacting with Linghui Tu.

Peking Opera Exhibition In International Charter School of Atlanta

November 16, 2015, Roswell

Linghui Tu, a famous artist of Peking Opera from Confucius Institute at Binghamton University, came to  ICS with her group offering a wonderful performance about Peking Opera. After the performance, CIKSU prepared various Chinese traditional activities including paper cuttings, facial paitings and shuttlecock kickings for students to experience Chinese culture. They were quite exciting to have a chance to try on beautiful costumes and play the props by themselves.



Professor Lu is doing a treatment to KSU teachers and students.


One student observed the model of human beings.

A Professional Introduction About Chinese Traditional Meridians By Kaixin Lu

October 29, 2015, Kennesaw

A senior experts about Chinese medicine, Kaixin Lu, coming from CIKSU, made an interesting speech about Chinese meridians in KSU. He briefly introduced the meridians and helped teachers and students find the correct positions. Besides, he answered questions from audience and tried to do some simple treatments to them in class. Professor Lu will have more lectures about Chinese medicine in KSU in the coming year.




DR. Ying Zhu is giving a speech about Chinese Tea Culture.


GPB is interviewing DR. Ying Zhu.

DR. Zhu gave a speech about Tea in KSU and was interviewed by GPB


September 29, 2015, Kennesaw

Dr Ying Zhu, a talented lady, gave a wonderful presentation about Tea, Asian Culture & Beyond to KSU students. She expressed her own opinions of tea and helped spread Chinese tea culture. Before the speech, she was interviewed by GPB sharing her understanding of tea and Chinese culture.




 Henrik and his wife visited CI office.


Henrik communicated with Yumin Ao.

Henrik Drescher,a Danish artist, gave a 3-day speech in KSU and visited CI office



September 8-10, 2015, Kennesaw

In KSU, Henrik did workshops, gave a talk on his book China Days and joined Yumin Ao’s Introduction to Asian Cultures class. He finished a collaborative Printmaking project that includes work with the University of Georgia and Kennesaw State University. He also visited the CI office and delivered his own opinion about art and Chinese culture by sharing his experience while living in Dali, China for about 15 years.




Ken, Meimei and six CI Chinese teachers teaching in Hall County Schools


Jamey Moore, the Principal of North Hall High School, introduced his team to CI teachers

Ken Jin hosted Dinner Party with Hall County school administrators and CI teachers


August 26, 2015, Gainesville

One CI Chinese teacher is going to teach at North Hall High School this year. On August 26, Ken Jin, director of CIKSU, invited Jamey Moore, the principal of North Hall High School, Kenny Childs, the assistant principal, Carrie Woodcock, the coordinator of Chinese programs in Hall County Schools, and five CI teachers teaching in Hall County to a dinner party. It is the first time CI teachers come to Hall County high school system. Ken brought mooncakes to schools and teachers to deeply appreciate their support to CI Chinese language programs.




Director of CIKSU, Ken Jin, was giving a speech.


Teachers communicate with students in Open House Event

ICSAtlanta Inauguration, Ribbon-Cutting, & Open House Event


August 10, 2015

One of the Dual Language Immersion Schools, International Charter School in Atlanta, held its inauguration, ribbon-cutting and open house event in August. Director of Confucius Institute in KSU, Ken Jin, came to ICS and gave a speech in this event. This year, there are four Chinese teachers who comes from CIKSU well preparing to teach Chinese in ICS. 



Chinese teachers with Consul General Aleman from Peru


Group presentations in KSU

Orientation for Chinese Teachers 2015

July 20 - July 31, 2015, Kennesaw

34 Chinese teachers attended the workshops before assigning to different schools and counties.

The workshops were divided into two parts. One was hosted by Georgia’s Department of Education mainly focused on Dual Language Immersion. The other one was held by Confucius Institute at KSU.

After the workshop, teachers are going to head for different schools making what they have learned in the training into practice.



Dr. Lin Xu visited Confucius Institute at KSU with Dr. Lance Askildson and Ken Jin


Dr. Daniel Papp, the President of KSU, gave special welcome and thanks to Dr. Xu

Madam Lin Xu visited Confucius Institute at KSU

April 17, 2015, Kennesaw

Madam Lin Xu, the Chief Executive and Director-General of the Confucius Institute’s Headquarters (Hanban), and her team members visited Confucius Institute at KSU on April 17, 2015. Dr. Lance Askildson, Chief International Officer of KSU, and Ken Jin, the Director of Confucius Institute at KSU, invited Dr. Xu for a luncheon reception with University President Dr. Danial Papp. They discussed how to make Confucius Institute at KSU a more successful and international organization in the State of Georgia and even in the world.

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Mitchell Kramer, Aliyah Auerbach and Samuel Smith (from left to right) performed music and calligraphy in the NCLC 2015

American High School Students from Confucius Institute at KSU Performed Music and Calligraphy at NCLC 2015


April 16, 2015, Atlanta

Three American students, Aliyah Auerbach, Mitchell Kramer and Samuel Smith, performed Chinese music and calligraphy at the National Chinese Language Conference 2015. They learned Chinese through the Chinese programs provided by Confucius Institute at KSU.

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