About CIFAL Atlanta

CIFAL stands for "Centre International de Formation des Autorités et Leaders" (in French), and "Centro Internacional de Formación para Autoridades y Líderes" (in Spanish). CIFAL Atlanta’s mission is to develop and strengthen the capacities of government authorities, private sector representatives and civil society leaders around the world in the areas of economic development, environmental sustainability and social development. CIFAL Atlanta relies on a facilitative approach that promotes the transfer of experiences, skills, and best practices.

Our Scope: Global

Thematic Areas:

  • Urban Planning
  • Health Development & Social Equity
  • Economic Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Capacity for Agenda 2030


  • Local and Regional Economic Development: SWOT analyses, team building, agency collaboration, incentive and tax structures, recruitment strategies, economies of scale, etc.
  • Airport Management: Air service delivery, economic development, environment, operations, customer service, technology, safety and security
  • Civic engagement, human and civil rights, and youth leadership
  • Gender Equity
  • Open and just systems of governance
  • The 2030 Agenda