Global Research Programs

    • cifal

      The Times Higher Education (THE) SDG Impact Ranking Survey

      Date: July – December 2020 
      The Times Higher Education (THE) SDG Impact Ranking Survey provides KSU the opportunity to measure our university’s progress specifically around SDGs, as well as to highlight the accomplishments of KSU faculty and staff regarding implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN-SDG) throughout our campus and service-area communities.  CIFAL Atlanta is collaborating with the Office of Institutional Research and faculty from the College of Architecture and Construction Management of KSU in this project slated for completion by end of fall 2020. 
      • Science

        The COVID-19 Survey Project

        Date: August – December 2020 
        The COVID-19 Survey project aims to pilot a prediction model to forecast the infection rate of COVID-19. Through a three-phase research project, the study will develop a prediction model suitable to define red lines of reluctancy to incorporate behavioral change in the community. 
        The objectives of the project are to:    
        a. Identify the social characteristics of adaptive behaviors 
        b. Establish a social carry capacity index of adaptive behaviors 
        c. Develop a trained predicting model to forecast the infection rate 

        CIFAL Atlanta is collaborating with faculty from the College of Architecture and Construction Management, College of Computing and Software Engineering, College of Science and Mathematics and Burruss Institute on the research project and actively seeking external funding.

        • CIFAL Atlanta Network Lab CANL Sustainable Construction Partnership Network

          CIFAL Atlanta Network Lab (CANL)

          CIFAL Atlanta Network Lab (CANL) is a partnership platform for highly performing professors to support partner international universities on research entrepreneurship development in sustainable construction or the Sustainable Construction Partnership Network.

          CANL Partnership Program   

          i. Academic Vision: a future that connects students around the world to a high-impact research network that is democratized, structured, and valued globally.   

          ii. Scientific Vision: boost and promote the application of sustainable technologies in adaptive and dynamic building and urban elements through the CANL partnership.   

          CANL Fellowship Program   

          iii. Academic Vision: create a leading international network of professionals to promote entrepreneurship research in sustainable construction 

          iv. Scientific Vision: benchmark best practices of entrepreneurship training and research in sustainable construction.   

          This effort is in collaboration with Department of Construction Management in the College of Architecture and Construction Management at Kennesaw State University, University of Florida, UC San Diego, and major industry players in United States, and globally. 


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