Global Research Workshops

SDG Research & Publication Workshop Series 

This workshop series distills and elaborates all major concerns and steps in the journey of a conducting a research study and preparing it for publication. The workshop series, consisting of four mini-courses, will be applicable for anyone who plans to master the skills and science of research paper writing and publication. It is designed to particularly help researchers, academicians, Ph.D.- and graduate students, as well as young scholars, to learn about the rigorous and challenging process of designing research for publication, planning for publication, and reporting within the manuscript.

  • There are five courses for the series.  Each course has four modules, each module requires 60 minutes of learning.

    Preliminary Study
    A preliminary study is the initial exploration course in research, assuring scientific and practical outcomes of the work.  The course covers detailed instructions to conduct a preliminary study to generate scientific and practical outcomes. 

    Research Methods 
    Developing and improving knowledge on research methodology aids the researchers to convert raw ideas to science. This course covers the analytical methods for designing different parts of a research workflow, including literature review, data collection and analysis.   

    The course delivers the ethical guidelines of research design and writing the report. It also covers the journal review process and responses to the reviewers as well as plagiarism and similarity estimation, and intellectual property (e.g., Copyright) rules of public dissemination. 

    The course covers the fundamentals and advanced tips and guidelines of research paper publication, including journal findings, setting a proficient title, writing an excellent abstract along with captivating keywords, proofreading and editing before manuscript submission, common manuscript drawbacks, and reasons for rejection/acceptance. 

    Hands-on Project 
    The course delivers hands-on practices on one of the CIFAL Atlanta research projects (COVID-19 research). The course also provides instructions for setting the profiles in Google-Scholar, SCOPUS, ORCID, and Research Gate, promoting the paper after publication, and improving personal citations and H-Index. 

    All the participants are required to pay for the registration fee(s) for joining the workshop using the marketplace.

    Registration Fee: $50/course

    If the participants select five courses, there will be a discount for the total registration fee.

    Discounted Fee: $200 for all or $40/course

    Registrants will have the option to pay for each course or for all five courses.  

  • This fellowship program distills and elaborates all significant concerns and steps in your publication journey including 

    • understanding and implementing a step-by-step process of manuscript preparation from concept to full completion. 
    • discussing software tools, techniques, and technologies to enhance the quality of your research. 
    • teaching guidelines for academic publication to avoid pitfalls resulting in manuscript rejection or publishing in low-quality journals. 
    • selecting the right journal appropriate for your research paper.  
    • discussing your visibility management through worldwide platforms (i.e., Google Scholar, Scopus Research Gate, ORCID, Academia, H-index) 
    • all other dos and don’ts tips that will help you to succeed in academic publishing.  

    Academic publication in peer-reviewed quality journals can be exceptionally competitive; at the same time, the rate of rejection in such journals can be very high.  Thus, it is essential to have the knowledge of fundamentals, standards, and guidelines for academic publication during paper preparation to avoid common mistakes and save precious time in the submission-to-publication process.   

    Further, participants will be invited to submit their manuscripts to two special issues of two (2) reputable journals published by MDPI (Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute) and ASCE (American Society of Civil Engineers) upon the successful completion of all the courses in the workshop series.  

  • Registration Deadline: November 20, 2020 

    Program Start Date: December 14, 2020