Team Members

Team Members

    • Binbin Jiang

      Executive Director, DGA & Director, CIFAL Atlanta

      Dr. Binbin Jiang, Director of CIFAL Atlanta, also serves as a Professor of International Education, Leadership and Research, and Executive Director of the Division of Global Affairs at Kennesaw State University. Dr. Jiang is an international scholar and leader with over 25 years of experience in teaching, research and administration in multiple international contexts. Educated in both China and the United States, Dr. Jiang has extensive experience in developing and implementing training and professional development to K-16 teachers from Mexico, Japan, and China, as well as in the United States
      • Ali Keyvanfar

        CANL Project Investigator/Faculty Mentor

        Dr. Ali Keyvanfar is a full-time faculty, also a member of the Institutional Review Board (IRB) at Kennesaw State University (KSU). He has received the Korean World Scientific Award in Material science in 2016. He is an experienced academician, R&D project manager, start-up investment advisor, and international professional consultant with close to ten years of record in sustainable construction engineering and management (by method and material) in Malaysia, South Korea, Australia, Qatar, Bahrain, Nigeria, Ecuador, and the United States.

        • Xiaoxiao Ji

          Program Manager

          Xiaoxiao Ji, as a cross-cultural business professional, has a decade of successful experience in multinational companies and academic institutions. Ms. Ji started her career working in international companies providing corporate and leadership training to business leaders, young professionals. Armed with extensive cross-cultural, cross-disciplinary, and inter-professional experience, Ms. Ji has been active in organizing, managing, and participating in various Chinese and American forums, seminars, and numerous cross-cultural exchanges at Kennesaw State University.


        Affiliated Faculty

          • Masoud Gheisari

            Professor Masoud Gheisari is a high impact researcher with more than ten years of scientific output. He leads the Human-Centered Technology in Construction (HCTC) research group at Rinker School of Construction Management at the University of Florida. Dr. Masoud is an educator and a researcher focusing on the theoretical and experimental investigation of human-computer/robot systems in construction. His research also within the domain of unmanned aerial systems/vehicles (UAS/UAVs), real/virtual humans in mixed reality environments, and human-technology interaction in educational settings. He has a significant track record of teaching various professional courses in the area of building information modeling and technology applications in construction across the United States.

            • Pavan Meadati

              Professor Pavan Meadati serves as interim chair of the Construction Management Department, KSU. Dr. Meadati has been involved in the CM department for the past 12 years, establishing himself as an excellent instructor, outstanding researcher, emerging administrator and leader with awards such as the “Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Excellence in Teaching Award for Region II” in 2013 and the “Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) Outstanding Educator Award - Region II” in 2016.

              • Mohammad Jonaidi

                Professor Mohammad Jonaidi is a faculty professor in the Department of Civil and Construction Engineering at Kennesaw State University. Dr. Jonaidi has more than 30 years of Industrial and Academic experience in the field of structural engineering, 10 years of which consists of teaching and research. He has been teaching Civil Engineering courses at various universities in Asia, Australia, and the United States.

                • Professor Arezou Shafaghat

                  Professor Arezou Shafaghat is a university professor, scientist, and professional researcher with close to ten years of experience supporting university start-ups in the field of the sustainable built environment. Dr. Arezou’s consulting activities are spread to worldwide countries, primarily to the United States, Malaysia, Qatar, South Korea, and Australia. She has experience working with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Georgia Institute of Technology, UC San Diego, Duy Tan University, University Technology Malaysia, and Qatar University. She supported more than 200 start-ups as a scientific advisor and consultant in sustainable development, design, and planning, mainly in urban and transportation sectors. She has received honorary Professorship from Korea Invention Academy in 2017 for this capacity.

                  • Xinyan Zhang

                    Dr. Xinyan Zhang is a full-time faculty at Kennesaw State University (KSU). She received her MPH from Jiann-Ping Hsu College of public health in 2012 and PhD in Biostatistics from University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2017. Dr. Zhang has been actively leading or being involved in both methodological and collaborative research in medical and public health areas. Dr. Zhang has published 28 peer-reviewed journal articles in the past five years and presented several times in the national conferences. She has collaborated with several teams in the fields of public health on various topics, including cancer, infectious diseases, and big data analytics in social media. She has also been working in developing Bayesian statistical methods and bioinformatics tools with application in genomics and metagenomics and proposing stochastic process modeling methods for infectious diseases.

                    • Richard Halstead

                      Dr. Richard Halstead-Nussloch is Professor of Information Technology in Kennesaw State's College of Computing and Software Engineering. Throughout his career he has helped people learn to better use technology and more importantly to shape technology to better serve people. He started his career using Monte Carlo computer simulations to teach scientific research and engineering applications and completed nationwide survey and interview research. He completed post-graduate research into transportation safety problems and designed product and behavioral countermeasures that still effectively reduce public-health loss by preventing vehicle crashes. While at IBM, he effectively used computer-user data and computer-use experimentation to identify, design, develop, implement, assess, and improve user capability, interaction and experience working with computing technology. For the past two dozen years, he has effectively taught Kennesaw State's (KSU) graduate and undergraduate students how to research, design, implement, assess and improve computing technology to best serve the people using it. During this tenure at KSU, he has also performed research and development, e.g., in individual, corporate and community use of the World Wide Web, effective adult and online learning, digital government, and using intelligent models to harness technology to better serve people.


                      • Jahangirt Mirza

                        Professor Jahangir Mirza (speaks 6 languages: English, French, German, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu), has over 35 years of Applied Research and Development (R & D) as well as teaching experience. He has expertise in Advanced Sustainable Construction Materials covering Civil Engineering, Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Geology, Architecture departments, etc.