CIFAL Programs

CIFAL Atlanta's global programs fall under the following categories:

Economic Programs

CIFAL Atlanta aims to facilitate the creation of public-private partnerships, locally and internationally, to promote economic growth and development.  Throughout the year, CIFAL Atlanta works with national governments, municipalities, the private sector, academic institutions, international organizations, and civil society on programs and initiatives that help tackle global challenges.

Social Inclusion

The United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) call countries to join forces to achieve decent standards of living for every man, woman and child, to fight against HIV/AIDS and to promote gender equality. Under this framework, CIFAL Atlanta provides training and capacity development programs in the areas of education and innovation, and gender equality.

Good Governance

Good governance requires the protection of human rights and consists of fair legal frameworks with unbiased enforcement. Good governance is built on a participatory model which takes into consideration the present and future needs of society with the goal of transparency. The rules of law are followed, participation by minorities is encouraged and corruption is minimized.

To this end, CIFAL Atlanta works to provide training programs which focus on strengthening local governance, facilitating policy dialogue and building knowledge capacity.

Capacity for Agenda 2030

CIFAL Atlanta is stepping up its training initiative to help national governments and other stakeholders build capacity for the mainstreaming, implementation and review of the Agenda 2030. This new agenda will require all countries and stakeholders to work together to implement the global goals at national, regional and global levels in accordance with national realities and levels of capacity. Training and capacity development are key supporting factors for national governments and stakeholders to translate the new agenda into transformative action at the country level.