Upcoming & Current Programs


A list of current and upcoming CIFAL Atlanta Programs 

*Dates are subject to change

  • ISB Leadership Institute

    ISB Leadership Institute (ISBLI)

    January - November, 2020
    Kennesaw, Ga.

    • ISB Leadership Institute is a leadership training program launched by the Islamic Speakers Bureau of Atlanta, in partnership with CIFAL Atlanta, developed to help cultivate effective civic leaders amongst the Greater Atlanta communities. ISBLI trains individuals in order to further positive and constructive changes to add value within communities and encourage sustainable approaches to creating a more prosperous and peaceful planet.


    • CANL photo from brochure

      CIFAL Atlanta Network Lab

      May - August, 2020*

      • The CIFAL Atlanta Network Lab (CANL) is a platform for professors around the world to support the development of international research entrepreneurship to in sustainable construction.  CFIAL Atlanta is collaborating with KSU’s Department of Construction Management to boost and promote the application of sustainable technologies in a future of the adaptive and dynamic building and urban elements.  


      • self-care

        Wellness & Self-Care with CIFAL Atlanta  - Summer Webinar Series

        June - October 2020
        Virtual Event

        • CIFAL Atlanta’s new webinar series was launched to help address wellness and self-care topics that can help improve our individual health during these times. We hope to provide education on the relationships between sustainability, mental, emotional, and physical health as well as the importance of wellbeing to individuals within the community. 


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        Food Waste Prevention Program

        *August - December, 2020
        Kennesaw, Ga.

        •  CIFAL Atlanta plans to launch the Food Waste Prevention Program later this Fall. The goal of this program is to develop a series of community projects in partnership with campus partners and offices, in hopes of increasing public understanding of the sustainable development and waste reduction. We hope to teach individual critical thinking, problem solving, and decision making in an effort to tackled environmental and conservation issues in our local communities.  


        • SDG poster with emblem

          SDG Rountable Discussion - Fall Series

          *August - December, 2020
          Kennesaw, Ga.

          • CIFAL Atlanta is once again hosting a series of United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals Round Table Discussions. During each of these sessions, we will address one or many of the UN global goals and its connection to the pressing issues we face today! We hope that these sessions will encourage participants to develop solutions to tackle world issues and lead to transformative change.  


          • SDG Wheel

            UN2030 & SDGs E-learning Certificate Courses for RCE & KSU Story Telling Collaboration

            August - December 2020

            • CIFAL Atlanta, in collaboration with RCE Atlanta & the StoryWork International, is currently working with KSU faculty members to provide a SDG E-Learning Course to students from the School of Communication & Media students who are working on an RCE project to create videos and promotional material to promote RCE. The training will enable the students to have the knowledge of the UNSDGs which will help them in completing the projects and enable them to receive CIFAL/UNITAR Certificates upon Completion of training and projects.


            • Digital Stories

              Business Project – Development of Digital Stories and Publications

              August - December, 2020

              Virtual Showcase & Online Publications

              • This fall, a group of students from the Coles College of Business will intern with CIFAL Atlanta to work on the Development of Digital Stories and Publications project. This project aims to build a digital platform for international and local corporates to highlight their businesses on implementing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by producing short videos, as well as creating online publications through EducateAll, the UNITAR’s microlearning platform, and the CIFAL Global Network.  

                Through digital storytelling, all participating companies will showcase best practices in implementing UN-SDGs, learn from showcased companies on how to implement UN-SDGs in different businesses and/or industries, explore innovative opportunities toward implementing the UN-SDGs, as well as developing ideas concerning values and ethics.  

                By creating online publications, selected businesses will be able to promote brand awareness and increase reputations to showcase how best to appeal to and collaborate with international businesses in Georgia and worldwide. These endeavors shall inspire local and global businesses, which do not currently implement the UN-SDGs, to begin incorporating them into their business practices. 


              • Student COVID panel

                UN SDG Student Leaders in the COVID-19 Context – Virtual Panel Discussion

                Wednesday,  September 16, 2020

                12:30 - 1:30 p.m.

                Virtual Event - RSVP Here

                • In collaboration with the City of Atlanta Mayors ’s Office of International Affairs & UNITAR, CIFAL Atlanta is hosting a virtual panel discussion to highlight student leaders and their work related to SDGs and COVID-19. Participants will have the opportunity to engage with student panelists and speakers to discuss solutions to improve our world amidst the pandemic.


                • UGC conference

                  University Global Coalition 2020 Virtual Gathering

                  Monday, September 21, 2020

                  9 a.m. - 1 p.m.

                  Virtual Event - RSVP Here

                  • CIFAL Atlanta Program Manager, Ms. Lola Owokoniran, Georgia Tech Center for Serve-Learn-Sustain Director, Dr. Jenny Hirsch and Na'Taki Osborne Jelks, Assistant Professor at Spelman college will be co-presenting “Tackling SDG10: Reducing Inequalities in Atlanta” during the virtual conference hosted by The University Global Coalition (UGC), which will promote the value of a collective impact network in advancing education around the broad framework of SDGs as well as a free Youth and Sustainable Development Goals e-learning program to advance SDG education globally.


                  • YSEALI logo

                    Young Southeast Asian Leaders Institute Program (YSEALI)

                    September - October, 2020*
                    Kennesaw, Ga.

                    • Sponsored by the U.S. State Department, the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative in comprised of different programs and engagements including U.S cultural and regional exchanges. This initiative hopes to achieve leadership capabilities amongst young individuals to help strengthen and foster relations between the United States and Southeast Asia as well as the ASEAN community. 


                    • homeless man on street

                      Homelessness Awareness Week

                      November 7 - 14, 2020*
                      Kennesaw, Ga.

                      • CIFAL Atlanta is partnering with CARE Services to provide support and assistance during the annual Homelessness Awareness Week (HAW) in an effort to combat this major problem. HAW is a week-long high impact experience dedicated to increasing awareness of homelessness, in our communities and on college campuses.