United NationsIn 2017, Kennesaw State University, in partnership with CIFAL Atlanta, began offering a remarkable opportunity for students to apply for distinguished internship positions at UNITAR headquarters and at United Nations CIFAL training centers in five locations worldwide: Manila, Philippines; Jeju, South Korea; Antwerp, Belgium; and Durban, South Africa.

These centers belong to a group of 17 global training centers known as the CIFAL Global Network, which operates as an arm of the United Nations Institute for Training and Research (UNITAR). CIFAL centers provide innovative training throughout the world and serve as hubs for the exchange of knowledge amongst government officials, the private sector and civil society. The eradication of poverty and hunger, the stewardship of our environment, the strategic reduction of risks associated with natural disasters, and the provision of skills required to compete in a global economy are only a few of the challenges that our governments and societies face. The CIFAL Global Network recognizes that there is a crucial need for capacity development in order to address these challenges.


While working together, the CIFAL centers address a wide range of issues, including:

  • Sustainable development and poverty eradication
  • Decentralized cooperation
  • Environmental sustainability
  • Urbanization
  • Gender equality
  • Health security
  • Public-private partnerships

For more information about the CIFAL Global Network, please visit Affiliated Training Centres.

The United Nations CIFAL Center Internship Program is the only internship program of its kind offered to college students in the United States. The goal is to provide Kennesaw State University students with a truly unique opportunity to work alongside amazing and inspiring CIFAL center directors and staff as they develop and implement programs that directly support United Nations mandates, and specifically the Agenda 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals.