Past Programs & Events

Check out the highlights of past programs, events, and activities by Community Engagement and Outreach at KSU Global Education. 

  • International Women’s Day - March 3rd, 2022 

    Kennesaw State University’s (KSU) Global Education in collaboration with the International Women’s Forum (IWF) of Georgia hosted the International Women's Day Power Talk Group Mentoring Program. The program aimed to uplift and empower rising graduates and young professionals by meeting IWF mentors who are champions in their career, provided an opportunity for IWF members to share their insight and advice with mentees to impact their professional decisions and life, and empowered young women at a critical point in their lives before they begin their professional journey.  
    • Consular Connections Program with the Consul General of Mexico: March 23rd, 2022

      The Consular Connections Program is a series of events created to give the KSU Community the opportunity to learn about different countries and world topics from global Ambassadors appointed in the United States. On March 23rd, we hosted the Consul General of Mexico in Atlanta for our 3rd virtual event of the series. The consul general presented information on US & Mexico relations and took a deep dive into the US-Mexico-Canada trade agreement. 

      • Symposium with Award Winning Journalist and Author, Olivier van Beemen: April 4th, 2022 

        In collaboration with WellStar College of Health and Human Services, KSU Global Education – Community Engagement and Outreach team hosted award-winning journalist and the author of "Heineken in Africa: A Multinational Unleashed". The author and guest speakers shared information on the significant health burden of alcohol misuse and related harms across the African continent to an audience of KSU staff, faculty and students. 
        • Young Southeast Asian Leadership Initiative: Spring 2016 – Fall 2022 

          Sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, the Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative (YSEALI) is the U.S. government’s signature program to strengthen leadership development and networking in Southeast Asia. Through a variety of programs and engagements, including U.S. educational and cultural exchanges, regional exchanges, and seed funding, YSEALI seeks to build the leadership capabilities of youth in the region, strengthen ties between the U.S. and Southeast Asia, and nurture an ASEAN community.

          Kennesaw State University (KSU) Global Education has hosted over 120 YSEALI Academic fellows, aged 18 to 28 for a two to four-week, intensive program consists of an academic residency on KSU’s campus examining civil and human rights through the lens of the U.S. civil rights movement, and a one-week educational study tour examining present-day international civil and human rights issues including immigration issues, diversity and inclusion, women’s rights, and LGBTIQ issues.   

          • Homelessness Awareness Week – Empty Bowls: November 10th, 2022 

            Homelessness Awareness Week (HAW), hosted by KSU’s CARE Services, is a week-long series of events dedicated to increasing awareness of homelessness on college campuses as well as reducing stigma to students facing homelessness. Each year in November, students and community members are invited to attend a multitude of events to learn more about homelessness on campus and in Atlanta. Empty Bowls is a fundraiser that takes place during HAW Week. Empty Bowls is an international grassroots effort that we have brought to KSU in a very unique way and is possible because of the various partnerships that have helped to make this event successful. The purpose of Empty Bowls is to raise awareness about homelessness and food insecurity while raising funds to help our students who are experiencing these issues. 
            • Community Impact Day: April 11th, 2022 

              “Community Impact Day” showcased the outreach and engagement efforts across all the colleges and other units (Athletics, Museums, Student Leadership and Service, etc.). This event brought university-wide attention to the “Community” pillar in the Roadmap to R2 Success. Attendees learned about KSU’s long-standing and continuous efforts in community outreach and engagement through the presentations of students and faculty.