The SDG Futures Fellowship is aimed at educating students about the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), leadership, and professional development! This is a year-long fellowship program spanning the academic year and is open for all college students from the 11 RCE Greater Atlanta affiliated higher education institutions. 
This is a unique opportunity for students to learn more about sustainability challenges in and around Atlanta and around the world, and how communities can organize to tackle these issues. The fellowship program will be open to students from the 11 HEIs affiliated with RCE Greater Atlanta.  The application form for the Fall 2023 semester will be open this Summer.  

Program Dates: TBD for Fall 2023 Cohort

The SDG Futures Fellowship is a fellowship program inspired by Kennesaw State University’s Distinguished SDG Ambassador Program, which fosters youth leadership by teaching students about the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through local and global case studies and action projects with community partners from the Global RCE Network and RCE Greater Atlanta. It will be co-led by Georgia Institute of Technology and Kennesaw State University in partnership with the University of Georgia and our community partners. 
The Fellowship provides an eight-month leadership and professional development experience to 15-20 students enrolled in higher education institutions (HEIs) that are members of the Regional Center of Expertise (RCE) Greater Atlanta, a network that is acknowledged by the United Nations University and has been successfully operating since December 2017 with many partnerships in place. RCE Greater Atlanta aims to advance the SDGs through an equity and justice lens, model inclusive and collaborative communities, and nurture strong youth leaders.  
The fellowship program uses the SDGs and the Global RCE Network as a framework for problem-based learning focused on local sustainability challenges. In addition to preparing students to pursue careers that have an impact or incorporate SDG impact into other fields of work, the program promotes long-term partnerships between Fellows, community-based and nonprofit organizations, HEIs, and the RCE Greater Atlanta network. 

The fellowship will allow students to: 

  • Educate students about the UN SDGs through a justice and equity lens
  • Expose students to SDG-related problems and solutions both locally and globally  
  • Train students to advance the UN SDGs in their daily and professional lives
  • Help students incorporate “impact” into their definitions and pathways for career success 
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