Program Goals

The DGA Program has five overarching goals:

  1. To promote the partnership between KSU’s Division of Global Affairs and the United Nations in order to directly benefit the KSU student body through an annual international leadership training program and campus-based internationalization projects.
  2. To improve understanding of and engagement with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals among all KSU students and faculty through outreach and engagement in DGA Program projects.
  3. To cultivate a [inter]disciplinarily diverse cross-section of student leaders to support and advance internationalization initiatives in each degree-granting college and to the benefit of the whole KSU community.
  4. To improve engagement between the Atlanta Consular Corps and KSU generally and the Consular Corps and KSU students specifically.
  5. To contribute directly to the global engagement and internationalization mission of KSU through student-driven projects within disciplines distributed across all ten of KSU’s degree-granting colleges.