Propose a Program

Faculty that are interested in proposing new education abroad experiences can use this page to guide them through the proposal submission process.

Please review all the information on this page before submitting your education abroad proposal. The information here addresses the deadlines and training requirements the faculty must know, as well as provides valuable links to information about how the EAO evaluates proposals.

2020 Education Abroad Program Survey

If you are interested in proposing an education abroad program for 2020, let us know.  Please complete the short two minute survey about your intended program.  Your feedback is very important to us and will help us to support you and all of our program offerings. 

The program survey is now closed. Program proposals will be accepted until the deadline of April 10, 2019. Scroll down for more information.


Planning Your Proposal

Education abroad program proposals for calendar year 2020 must be submitted to the Education Abroad Office by April 10, 2019 at 5:00 pm. Proposals must be approved by your academic college before they are submitted to the EAO.

The Education Abroad Office strongly recommends that faculty begin the planning process for their program proposals and involve the EAO at least 6 months to one year prior to the submission deadline.

Below is a list of previously used Travel Agents that may be helpful to you as you begin to plan your program. 

Previously Used Travel Agents

If this is your first time proposing an Education Abroad Program, you must sign up for an Education Abroad Seminar for New Faculty. The seminar will provide information on how to plan a successful program and is available for both new and returning faculty.

For questions pertaining to the proposal and planning process please reference the document below.

Education Abroad 2020 Program Proposal Timeline 

The Proposal Process

Below is a link to the faculty-led program proposal form, as well as a variety valuable resources to review to ensure the development of a high-quality faculty-led program proposal.

Kennesaw State University's education abroad proposal process is entirely electronic. Fill out the form linked below completely to submit a faculty-led program proposal to the Education Abroad Office for review. The form contains detailed instructions for each section.

After you submit your proposal, if your forgot to include information in your initial submission or you are required to submit additional information to EAO after your proposal has been reviewed, please send the information to

Education Abroad Faculty-Led Proposal

Faculty Training

Faculty must complete the International Safety and Security online training and all other required Faculty Training Sessions before leading an education abroad program. Faculty that do not complete the required training will not be allowed to participate on the program. All faculty and participating staff will be automatically enrolled in the Safety and Security Training.

Education Abroad Seminar for New Faculty

First time program directors are required to attend the Education Abroad Seminar for New Faculty prior to their program accepting student applications. Seminar dates are available before and after the proposal deadline.  This seminar will introduce the many facets of running a successful education abroad program, from start to finish. If this is your first time proposing an Education Abroad program or you are a faculty member who has not led a program in the last year, please click below to sign up for one of the seminar dates. Returning faculty are also invited and encouraged to attend!

Coming Soon

Program Proposal Documents & Other Resources

See below for a listing of program proposal and sample documents that can serve as examples for when you build your own proposal. 

The Proposal Review Process

Once you have submitted your faculty-led education abroad experience proposal, the Education Abroad Faculty Standing Committee will review it to determine whether it satisfies the requirements for a program.

This section describes the review process and provides details on the criteria the committee will use to evaluate submissions.

  • Prior to completing an education abroad faculty-led program proposal, be sure to obtain the proper departmental permissions. Your program must be approved by your department before the Education Abroad Faculty Standing Committee will review it.

  • The Education Abroad Faculty Standing Committee of the Faculty Senate will review all proposals submitted for approval. Program directors will be notified via email of the committee's decision.

    Proposal submissions will be reviewed using the nine key areas listed below:

    1. Aptitude
    2. Completeness of Proposal
    3. Detailed Itinerary and Budget
    4. Innovative Program Concept Design
    5. Diversity
    6. Safety/Risk Management
    7. Knowledge and Experience
    8. Previous Success
    9. Curricular Significance

    See the Full Criteria Reference Checklist.


Program Deadlines


The deadlines below are approximate until 2020 academic calendars can be verified.

Spring Semester 2020 Deadlines
Student Application Deadline: November 1
1st Program Fee Payment: December 1
2nd (Final) Program Fee Payment: January 15

Summer Semester 2020 Deadlines
Early Summer (Leaving before June 15)
Student Application Deadline: February 1
1st Program Fee Payment: March 1
2nd (Final) Program Fee Payment: March 15
Late Summer (Leaving after June 15)
Student Application Deadline: March 1
1st Program Fee Payment: April 1
2nd (Final) Program Fee Payment: April 15


Frequently Asked Questions faculty may face while organizing and submitting faculty-led program proposals.


Education Abroad Faculty Standing Committee

The Education Abroad Faculty Standing Committee, a Faculty Senate University Committee, reviews and approves program proposals, and makes campus-wide education abroad policy recommendations. Below is more information about the EAFSC, its members, and its process.

Education Abroad Faculty Standing Committee Charter
Document outlining the purpose and scope of the EAFSC, and the procedures it follows.

EAFS Committee Member List
Current Education Abroad Faculty Standing Committee members.

Committee Reports
More information on EAFSC policies, reports, and meeting minutes.