Emerson Scholarship for the Advancement of International Education

 "We believe that a study abroad experience is one of the most impactful educational opportunities a student can have during their undergraduate career. A structured study abroad experience can provide the stimulation, challenges, and opportunities needed to transform a student’s view of the world.  In addition, we believe that study abroad develops independence, self-confidence, and global awareness."

- Christie & Tom Emerson

Emerson RecipientIntent & Vision Statement

It is our vision that all students with the desire to study abroad, who have not previously done so, should have the opportunity to participate in a program of their choice.  The Emerson International Education Scholarship will fund students who desire to participate in a study abroad program, but would not be able to do so without financial assistance. While we believe that all study abroad programs have the potential to transform, this scholarship will fund programs to countries outside of Western Europe where students are less likely to travel later in their life.

Scholarship Recipient Eligibility

  • Minimum 3.0 GPA
  • Must be a full-time undergraduate student
  • Participating in a summer education abroad program outside of Western Europe
  • Program must include community engagement
  • Support letter (optional) – Letters of support are optional and should emphasize personal qualities or accomplishments that make the applicant a particularly compelling candidate.
  • Must be able to demonstrate financial need for the scholarship

Scholarship Timeline

Application Deadline: Oct. 15, 2019
Recipient Notification: Nov. 15, 2019
Scholarship Awarded: April, 2020


Two scholarships at $2,200 each will be awarded for education abroad program cost after any other relevant scholarships, fellowships or similar financial awards have been applied.  

Programs Eligible for the Emerson Scholarship

  • Africa (Benin) Europe (France) Study Abroad
  • CHEM 3200 Chemistry and Culture - Technology and Service in Costa Rica
  • Chinese Studies and Asian Studies Summer Study in China
  • Coles College Scholars Program - Int'l Immersion Dominican Republic
  • Earth Science and Culture of Japan
  • Experiential Learning and Immersion in China
  • Gateway to Africa (Ghana) 2020
  • Moscow in May
  • Nursing in the Dominican Republic - A Population Based Program
  • Nursing Practicum in Ghana
  • Dominican Republic: Public Health and Community Empowerment
  • The Summer Study Abroad in Thailand
  • Ecuador 2020: Diversity and Community Engagement in Latin America
  • India Global Biotechnology
  • Language, Culture, Diversity, and Schooling in South Korea

How to Apply

If you wish to apply for the Emerson Scholarship, please review the requirements and deadlines listed above. Applicants who do not meet the the requirements along with any submissions after October 15, 2019 will be automatically denied.

Please email educationabroad@kennesaw.edu for questions regarding the Emerson Scholarship.

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About the Emersons Emersons at dinner

Christie and Tom Emerson have lived in Cobb County since 1989. Tom is a physician in the WellStar Medical Group who is known for his compassion and sense of humor. Christie is a professor in KSU’s WellStar School of Nursing where she loves to share her passion for the nursing profession, and was the faculty director of an education abroad program to Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates for six years. “As we considered how to give back to our community, we decided that a scholarship aligned best with our appreciation for our own education. When we considered what kind of scholarship would make the most impact, we both felt that nothing is more powerful than the transformational experience of studying abroad.