Prospective Students

first photo of KSU student overlooking the great wall of china, second  photo of a KSU student visite leaning tower of pisa and third photo of KSU student walking over a lakeWe are excited that you are interested in exploring the many exciting education abroad opportunities that are available to you! We also understand that applying for a program can be stressful. Here you will find valuable information about Kennesaw State's education abroad programs, including how to apply and how to search for available scholarships.

Prospective students should also sign up for study abroad advising by making an appointment with an Education Abroad Program Coordinator. Our team can help you with everything you need to know about applying for an education abroad experience.

  • Finding a Program

    Search the listing of all available Kennesaw State University Education Abroad Programs by selecting Find a Program. 

    From here, you can narrow your search by:

    • Subject
    • College
    • Location
    • Title of program
    • Timeframe

    Each program has a catalog page featuring information about:

    • Program cost & what’s included in the price
    • Dates of travel
    • Courses offered
    • Faculty contact information
    • What you'll be doing and where you'll be going.

    Students interested in internships or research/directed study programs abroad can browse those options specifically:

    • Non-KSU Education Abroad Programs

      Interested in studying abroad but can't find the exact program that you are looking for? Non-KSU programs are great alternatives for students to find the experience they are looking for which offers the course credit they need.  To learn more about non-KSU programs, click on the link below to view programs that other KSU students have particpated on.

      • How to Apply

        Once you have decided on a program, go to the top of the program webpage and click “Apply Now” to begin your application. Be sure to fill out the application in full.

        All KSU faculty-led programs require a $300 non-refundable deposit with
        your application. This $300 is subtracted from your total program fee. Meanwhile, exchange programs require a $150 administrative fee.

        All programs require a completed Needs Asessment Questionnaire. The Needs Asessment Questionnaire is available in the application portal. Some students may be required to complete an additional from which will be emailed if needed. 

        Non-KSU programs also require deposits and application fees (see program application for details).

        • Eligibility

          For faculty-led programs, students must have a least a 2.5 institutional GPA to be eligible to participate in a KSU education abroad program (3.0 for graduate students).

          Exchange program participants must have at least a 2.75 (undergraduate) and 3.0 (graduate) adjusted GPA to be eligible.

          Students that do not meet the minimum GPA requirement for their intended program may submit a GPA appeal for further review.  (This does not apply to graduate applicants.) See Education Abroad Student Eligibility Policy below.

          • Faculty-led program minimum institutional GPA for appeal is 2.0
          • Exchange program minimum institutional GPA for appeal is 2.5 

          Third-party programs, international internships, and partner programs may have additional requirements. These will be listed on the program webpage.

          Appeal Deadline
          Appeals must be submitted by the application deadline for the program that the student intends to participate on.
          Appeal Submission
          All appeals must be submitted using the online system.  To submit an appeal, click HERE.

          See the Education Abroad Student Eligibility Policy for more information.

          • Financial Aid and Scholarships

            Kennesaw State University has several programs in place to help students afford their education abroad programs, including a unique Global Learning Financial Support.

            Visit the Financial Aid & Scholarships Page for more information and additional scholarships.

            • Questions

              Feel free to visit the Education Abroad Office at any time for more information about programs, internships, and outside opportunities. Call (470) 578-6336 or email to schedule a meeting with an education abroad program coordinator.

              Open Advising Hours

              • Kennesaw Campus: 9 am - 4 pm Monday - Thursday
              • & on the Marietta Campus: 9 am - 4 pm Tuesday - Friday

              Each education abroad program coordinator has specific office hours, but you can also call or email to make an appointment. To contact a coordinator directly, see the Contact Us page for coordinator email addresses and phone numbers.

              If you have general questions about how to prepare for your education abroad experience, check out this resource Studying Abroad: Step-by-Step published by the Center for Online Education (not affiliated with KSU).