Returning Students

Cliffs of DoverYou’ve returned from studying abroad. Congratulations on completing a life-changing experience! What’s next?

Now is your chance to reflect upon your experience and settle back into life in the United States. What changes do you see in your environment now that you have an outside perspective? How have you changed by studying abroad?

Please read below for tips on how you can get the most out of your recently-completed education abroad program, including a link to apply for the prestigious Global Engagement Certification.

  • Get Connected

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    • Global Engagement Certification

      This certification helps to strengthen your resume by recognizing your achievement of valuable global learning through globally-focused courses along with your education abroad experience.

      See the Global Engagement Certification Homepage for more.

      • Career Services Workshop

        Career Services, in conjunction with the Education Abroad Office, offers workshops on Incorporating Education Abroad into Your Career Path. This workshop will allow students to reflect on what skills they learned during their study abroad experience and will teach them how to incorporate those skills and experiences into their resumes and future job interviews. Workshops are offered every fall and spring semester.

        For more information, please contact us at

        • Deal with Reverse-Culture Shock

          The resources below can help you get connected and discover ways to process your experiences abroad. Please visit the links for access to tools designed to help students return home and deal with reverse-culture shock.

          • How to Deal with Reverse-Culture Shock (Start at Module 2.3): This website offers valuable resources for returned students to process their transition. It is important for
            students to be aware of reverse-culture shock, and the information on this website is a great place to start. Also pay attention to the top ten lists provided that explain some of the emotions you might be feeling and offer some suggestions for coping with them.
          • Relationships, Roots, and Unpacking: A great article about transitioning home after a meaningful experience abroad.

          • Reverse-Culture Shock: This study abroad handbook provides great information about re-entry into your home country and dealing with the different stages of returning.

          • A toolkit for Returned Students: This toolkit provides important information about the re-entry process, including the emotional aspects, social actions, and academic advice.
          • Talk to a Program Coordinator

            If you would like to talk to someone about settling back into life in the United States, don't hesitate to stop by the Education Abroad Office to talk to one of our advisors. The EAO is located at

            3391 Town Point Drive 
            Suite 1700
            Kennesaw, GA, 30144

            Phone: (470) 578-6336

            Open Advising Hours: Monday - Thursday from 9 am to 4 pm.

            • Go Abroad Again

              Now that you have returned from going abroad, are you trying to figure out ways to travel again? Below you will find links to information about additional opportunities to go abroad after graduating from Kennesaw, or during a semester break.

              Don’t forget that you can study abroad more than once through the KSU Education Abroad Office!