Approved Courses

The following is a list of approved Global Learning courses for certification purposes. These are courses that contain at least a 30% global content. All courses that were taken in a Study Abroad Program are considered Global Learning courses even if not listed below.


College of the Arts

  • ARED 4410 Intercultural Curriculum Model
    ARED 6200 Curriculum Assessment and Classroom Management
    ARH 2750 Art History Survey I
    ARH 2850 Art History Survey II
    ARH 2950 Art History Survey III
    ARH 3150 Islamic Art
    ARH 3250 Latin American Art
    ARH 3320 Ancient Near Eastern Art
    ARH 3350 Art of Ancient Greece
    ARH 3370 Roman Art and Architecture
    ARH 3400 Medieval Art and Architecture
    ARH 3570 African Art
    ARH 3670 Survey of Asian Art
    ARH 3850 Art Since 1900
    ARH 3950 History of American Art
    ARH 4150 African American Art
    ARH 3500 Italian Renaissance Art
    ARH 4550 Baroque Art
    ARH 4650 19th Century Art
    ARH 4870 History of Photography
    ART 1107 Arts in Society: Visual Arts
    ART 4022 Advanced Digital Design Dreamweaver
    DANC 1107 Arts in Society: Dance
    DANC 2000 Dance History I
    DANC 2100 African Dance Technique
    DANC 2300 Ethnic Dance Forms
    DANC 4010 Dance History II
    MUSI 1107 Arts in Society: Music
    MUSI 1138/3348 Orchestra
    MUSI 3311 History of Music I
    MUSI 3312 History of Music II
    MUSI 3317 Introduction to Opera
    TPS 1107 Arts in Society: Theatre and Performance
    TPS 3000 Performing Literature
    TPS 3093 Storytelling I: Folktales and Fairy Tales
    TPS 3094 Performing Classical Myth
    TPS 3193 Storytelling II: World Myth
    TPS 4010 Storytelling Practicum
    TPS 4513 History and Theory I: Ancient through Renaissance Theatre & Performance
    TPS 4523 History and Theory II: Neoclassical through Early Modern T&P
    TPS 4999 Senior Seminar: Contemporary Theatre and Performance

Coles College of Business

  • ACCT 4300 International Accounting
    BLAW 4600 International Law: Business Applications
    ECON 4210 Money and Financial Markets
    ECON 4310 Economic Development in Global Perspective
    ECON 4410 International Trade and Finance
    FIN 4420 International Financial Management
    MGT 3190 Business, Ethics, and Society
    MGT 3600 Introduction to International Business
    MGT 4125 International Entrepreneurship
    MGT 4174 International Human Resource Management
    MGT 4190 International Management
    MGT 4476 Contemporary Global Business Practices
    MGT 4800 International Supply Chain Management
    MKTG 4500 Internet Marketing and Global Business
    MKTG 4820 International Marketing

  • ACCT 8270 Accounting and Legal Issues in International Business
    ECON 8610 International Business Perspectives
    FIN 8370 Multinational Financial Management
    MGT 8910 International Management Practices
    MKTG 8730 International Marketing Management
    MKTG 8790 Applied Global Business Strategies

Bagwell College of Education

  • EDUC 4473 Student Teaching Abroad ONLY
    EDUC 2120 Diversity*
    EDUC 3304 Education of Exceptional Students**
    EDUC 4473 Student Teaching Abroad ONLY**
    EDMG 4403 Teaching Social Studies in Middle Grades**
    EDMG 4410 Reading to Learn in the Content Areas**

    * Global Learning Courses
    **Global Learning Infused into Sections of Course

  • EDL 7705 Leading Teaching and Learning in the 21st**
    EDL 7720 Personal and Staff Development**
    EDL 7740 Multicultural and International Education*
    EDL 7750 Educational Research**
    EDL 7755 Technology Leadership In Education**
    EDL 7760 21st Century Teaching & Learning**
    EDL 7797 Portfolio**
    EDL 7798 Portfolio**
    EDL 8000 Foundations of Leadership for Learning**
    INED 7750 Language, Power, and Pedagogy**
    INED 7781 Cultural Issues for ESOL Teachers*
    INED 7782 Applied Linguistics for ESOL Teacher*
    INED 7784 ESOL Endorsement*
    INED 7980 MAT TESOL Practicum*
    INED 7981 MAT TESOL Internship*
    ITEC 9410 Tech Facilitation and Leadership**

    * Global Learning Courses
    **Global Learning Infused into Sections of Course

College of Science and Mathematics

  • BIOL 2108 Principles of Modern Biology
    BIOL 3370 Ecology
    BIOL 4486 Bioethics
    BIOL 3372 Aquatic Biodiversit
    BIOL 3380 Evolutionary Biology
    BTEC 4110 Global Biotechnology
    BIOL 4490/03 Restoration Ecology
    CHEM 3700 Environmental Chemistry
    CS 6810 Strategic Computing
    CS 6820 Computing in the Global Economy
    IS 3220 Project Management
    IS 3580 Data Warehouse and BI
    IS 3950 IS Strategy
    IS 4550 Technology Commercialization
    IS 4700 Emerging Issues in Information Security and Assurance
    IS 4881 Information Resource Management
    IS 8700 IS Strategy and Policy
    IS 3580 Data Warehouse and BI
    ISA 4700 Emerging Issues in Information Security and Assurance
    MAED 3475 History and Modern Approaches to Mathematics
    STAT 7010 Mathematical Statistics
    SCI 1101 Science, Society and Environment I
    SCI 1102 Science, Society and Environment II
    SCI 3360 Earth Science
    SCI 3365 Earth Watch
    SCI 4700 Applied Environmental Studies

  • CHEM 3700 Environmental Chemistry
    CS 6810 Strategic Computing
    CS 6820 Computing in the Global Economy
    IS 8200 Legal and Ethical Issues in IS
    IS 8600 Global IS Management
    IS 8800 IS Leadership
    IS 8950 IT Strategy and Policy
    STAT 7010 Mathematical Statistics I

Siegel Institute for Ethics and Leadership

  • ILEC 8850 Ethical Leadership in a Global Context
    ILEC 8800 Foundations of Ethics
    ILEC 8810 Foundations of Leadership
    ILEC 8980 Shaping and Leading an Ethical Culture
    ILEC 8840 Directed Study in Leadership and Ethics
    ILEC 8900 Special Topics in Leadership and Ethics
    ILEC 8910 Technology and Ethics
    ILEC 8920 Current Issues in Leadership and Ethics
    ILEC 8930 Leadership and Ethics Abroad

University College

  • HON 3000 Honors Colloquium
    LDRS 3200 Leadership in a Global Society
    LDRS 4000 Leadership & Sustainability
    KSU 1111 Tomorrow's World Today

College of Health and Human Services

  • CUL 2200 World Cuisines and Culture
    CUL 3390 International Initiatives in Foods (Study Abroad)
    HPS 3300 Personal Health Behavior
    HPS 3850 Health Promotion and Program Planning
    HPS 4200 Contemporary Health Issues
    HPS 4600 Health Promotion Applications
    HPS 4750 Exercise and Health Science Internship
    HPS 2200 Introduction to Sport Management
    HPS 3100 Sociological & Psychological Aspects of HPS
    HPS 3777 Economics of Sport
    HPS 4950 Sport Management Internship
    HS 2233 Introduction to Human Services
    HS 2250 Cultural Competency
    HS 3304 Community Intervention
    HS 3320 Working with Groups
    HS 3350 Culture and Poverty
    HS 3300 Human Socialization
    HS 4410 Ethics
    HS 4490 Fundamentals of Nonprofits
    NURS 4412 Community Health Nursing
    NURS 4414 Complex Health Nursing
    NURS 4416 Leadership in Nursing
    NURS 4417 Advanced Clinical Practicum
    NURS 4423 International Health Policy
    NURS 4426 Nursing Practicum in Oaxaca
    NURS 4449 Nursing Care of Vulnerable Populations

  • EHS 6620 Theoretical Foundation of Assessment and Intervention Planning
    EHS 6655 Epidemiology
    EHS 7750 Special Topics in Applied Exercise and Health Science
    SW 7700 Social Work Foundations: Diversity, Social Justice and Ethics
    SW 7702 Social Work Practice I
    SW 7703 Social Work Practice II
    SW 7704 Human Behavior in a Social Environment I
    SW 8701 Advanced Clinical Practice
    SW 8813 Family Therapy
    SA 7900 Study Abroad
    NURS 8854 Primary Care Clinical Project
    NURS 9300 Special Topics in Vulnerable Populations

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • ANTH 3310 Cultural Diversity in the U.S.
    ANTH 3350 Cultures & Societies of the World
    ANTH 4405 Human Variation
    ANTH 4410 Cultural Anthropology: Global Perspective
    ASIA 3001 Understanding Asia
    ASIA 3309 Survey of Chinese Literature and Culture
    ASIA 3670 Survey of Asian Art
    ASIA 4490 Special Topics in Asian Studies
    CHNS 3200 Reading
    CHSN 3302 Practical Coversation
    CHNS 3303 Grammar and Composition
    FL 3309 Survey of Chinese Literature and Culture
    GEOG 3312 Geography of Europe
    GEOG 3320 Political Geography
    GEOG 3330 Economic Geography
    GEOG 3340 Cultural Geography
    GEOG 3350 Geography of Sub-Saharan Africa
    GEOG 3360 Geography of Asia
    GEOG 3370 Geography of Latin America and the Caribbean
    GWST 3090 Transnational Feminisms
    COM 3325 Intercultural Communication
    ENGL 3320 Scriptural Literature
    ENGL 3400 Survey of African Literatures
    ENGL 3600 Topics in African Diaspora Literature
    ENGL 4340 Shakespeare
    ENGL 4370 British Medieval and Chaucerian Literature
    ENGL 4372 British Renaissance Literature
    ENGL 4374 Studies in Restoration and Eighteenth Century Literature
    ENGL 4401 Topics in African Literatures
    ENGL 4470 19th –Century British Literature
    ENGL 4480 19th-Century World Literature
    ENGL 4570 20th-Century British Literature
    ENGL 4580 20th-Century World Literature
    FLED 4480 Student Teaching in Foreign Languages, P-12
    FREN 3200 Critical Reading and Applied Writing
    FREN 3302 Practical Conversation
    FREN 3303 Grammar & Composition
    FREN 3304 Literature and Culture I
    FREN 3305 Literature and Culture II
    FREN 4402 Contemporary Culture
    FREN 4404 Commercial French
    FREN 4434 Topics in Language, Literature and Culture
    FREN 4456 Advanced Grammar & Linguistics
    FREN 4499 Senior Seminar
    GRMN 3200 Critical Reading and Applied Writing
    GRMN 3300 Introduction to Literature
    GRMN 3302 Practical Conversation

    GRMN 3303 Grammar & Composition
    GRMN 3304 Survey German Culture and Institutions I
    GRMN 3305 Survey German Culture and Institutions II
    GRMN 4404 Commercial German
    ITAL 3200 Critical Reading and Applied Writing
    ITAL 3302 Practical Conversation
    ITAL 3303 Grammar and Composition
    SPAN 3200 Critical Reading and Applied Writing
    SPAN 3302 Practical Conversation
    SPAN 3303 Grammar and Composition
    SPAN 3304 Literature and Culture I
    SPAN 3305 Literature and Culture II
    SPAN 4402 Contemporary Culture
    SPAN 4404 Commercial Spanish
    SPAN 4434 Topics in Language, Literature & Culture
    SPAN 4456 Advanced Grammar and Linguistics
    SPAN 4499 Senior Seminar
    HIST 3305 The World Since 1945
    HIST 3307 Introduction to the European Union
    HIST 3321 Diplomatic History of the United States
    HIST 3334 The Africans in Diaspora
    HIST 3337 Greek and Roman History
    HIST 3342 The Holocaust
    HIST 3350 England to 1688
    HIST 3351 Modern England
    HIST 3357 Africans in Asia
    HIST 3360 Russian Empire to 1917
    HIST 3366 History of Mexico & Central America
    HIST 3367 History of Brazil
    HIST 3372 Ancient to pre-Modern China
    HIST 3373 Modern India and South Asia
    HIST 3374 Modern China and Japan
    HIST 3382 North Africa and the Middle East
    HIST 3391 History of West Africa
    HIST 3392 History of Southern, Eastern and Central Africa
    HIST 3393 Emerging Themes in African History
    HIST 4440 Medieval Europe
    HIST 4444 Renaissance and Reformation Europe
    HIST 4454 Twentieth Century Europe
    HIST 4455 Twentieth Century Russia
    HIST 4456 World War II
    HIST 4488 Approaches to World History
    POLS 3350 American Foreign Policy
    POLS 4405 Comparative Legal Systems
    POLS 4423 Great Political Thinkers
    POLS 4430 International Law and Organization
    POLS 4431 Politics of International Terrorism
    POLS 4433 European Union Politics
    POLS 4436 Politics of Developing Areas
    POLS 4437 Global Security
    POLS 4438 Politics of International Economic Relations
    POLS 4451 Politics and Government in Post-Communist Europe
    POLS 4452 Politics of the Pacific Rim
    POLS 4453 Latin America: Democracy and Development
    POLS 4454 Policy of the Middle East
    POLS 4455 International Relations of Africa
    POLS 4456 International Environmental Policy
    POLS 4470 Alternative Dispute Resolution
    POLS 4480 Practicum in Alternative Dispute Resolution
    POLS 4499 Senior Seminar
    PSYC 3355 Cross-Cultural Psychology
    SOCI 3314 Race and Ethnicity
    SOCI 3334 Religion and Society
    SOCI 4434 Emerging Social Issues in Africa

  • AMST 7200 American Cultural Movements
    AMST 7220 Passages to America
    AMST 7310 Regional Studies
    AMST 7320 America in Transnational Context
    AMST 7400 Film Industry in American Culture
    AMST 7410 Literature and Performance in American Culture
    AMST 7420 Popular Culture in America
    AMST 7430 Identities and Social Groups
    AMST 7500 Practicum
    PRWR 6760 World Englishes
    PRWR 6860 Intercultural Communication in Contexts
    FLED 7708Curriculum & Assessment in Foreign Languages
    FLED 7710 Teaching Foreign Languages I
    FLED 7712 Teaching Foreign Languages II
    FLED 7720 Practicum II
    FLED 7730 Practicum III
    FLED 7735 Professional Portfolio in Foreign Language Education
    SPAN 7702 Sociolinguistics
    SPAN 7704 Topics in Linguistics
    SPAN 7712 Hispanics in the US
    SPAN 7714 Topics in Hispanic Culture
    SPAN 7722 Literary Masterpieces
    SPAN 7724 Topics in Literature
    CHNS 7702 Chinese Linguistics
    CHNS 7704 Chinese Pedagogical Linguistics
    CHNS 7712 Chinese Civilization and Traditions
    CHNS 7714 Topics in Chinese Culture
    CHNS 7722 Masterpieces of Chinese Literature
    CHNS 7724 Chinese Literature and Film Since 1978

    *** Please Note: The Chinese courses listed above will be completed through a study abroad program in Shanghai, China, at the Shanghai International Studies University (SISU).