IEP Levels

Levels & Descriptions

Before beginning classes, an Intensive English Program student's language ability is assessed. At orientation, students take an English placement exam that covers listening, grammar, vocabulary, and reading. Students also provide a writing sample and have an oral interview with an IEP faculty member.

Based on the test scores and evaluations, students are then placed into the appropriate level of study. See below for a breakdown of the levels and what language skills are required at each.

Please keep in mind the courses a student can take vary slightly based on their level. 

  • Level
  • Foundations 
    For students with a basic understanding of English, basic communication skills and limited reading and writing.
  • Low Intermediate 
    For students with the ability to communicate socially and read texts with a limited controlled vocabulary.
  • High Intermediate 
    For students with the ability to communicate socially and engage in academic work in English but with linguistic assistance.
  • Low Advanced
    For students with advanced oral and aural skills and ability to engage in academic work.
  • High Advanced
    For students with an English proficiency level that would allow success in most universities with some significant linguistic boundaries.

Changing Levels

  • If you feel as though you are misplaced, we will make adjustments after the first week. During the first week of classes, please go to your assigned class and demonstrate to the teachers that you are placed inappropriately. Then come see the IEP Office to fill out a Request to Change Schedule Form. 
  • Requests to change level must be made the first week of classes, and no changes will be made after that time. Everyone will stay in their assigned level the first week.

Advancing Levels

At the end of each session, students are given another English Placement exam and provide another writing sample. The scores on these exams, combined with class grades, determine if a student has successfully completed the level and if the student may advance to the next level for the next session.