Admission to KSU

Admission to the IEP does not indicate acceptance to Kennesaw State University for a degree program. Students who are seeking admission to a degree program at KSU must apply for that program and meet all requirements for admittance to KSU. 

This includes proof of English proficiency and in some cases an SAT/ACT or GRE/MAT standardized test score. 

Conditional Admission to KSU 

Students who plan to enroll at KSU in an undergraduate program after completing the IEP may apply for conditional admission. In the case that a student receives conditional admission, they will receive a conditional admission letter for their records and for their visa application. 

To be eligible for conditional admission, students must meet all the undergraduate admissions requirements except for the language requirement. Undergraduate admissions requirements include evaluated and translated transcripts, and have received at least 30 transferable college credits. 

Please see these websites for more information about admissions requirements: 

TOEFL Waiver Criteria 

All students who successfully complete the High Advanced level will be recommended to the Department of International Admissions for a TOEFL Waiver for undergraduate study at KSU. In order to ensure that IEP students meet a suitable level of English proficiency to begin undergraduate studies, students must meet the following criteria to successfully complete the High Advanced level: 

  • Complete all the classes in the High Advanced level. 
  • Classes may be taken in separate sessions as needed for part-time students. 
  • Receive no grade lower than a C- in any class. 
  • Have a grade point average of 3.0 (B average) in the High Advanced level. 
  • Satisfactory attendance 
  • Receive the following test scores on the end-of-session testing: 
    • Writing score: 18 or above (out of 24) 
    • Oral score: 20 or above (out of 27) 
    • EPT: 62 or above (out of 80) 

Students wishing to attend KSU as graduate students will need to contact their chosen graduate program for language proficiency requirements. The IEP can inform the program that the student has successfully completed the High Advanced level, but this may or may not be sufficient to prove proficiency.