B-1 & B-2 Visas

Individuals that have a B-1/B-2 Visa can attend classes in the Intensive English Program as a part-time student for a short recreational course, not for credit toward a degree. Attendance should be incidental to the main purpose for presence in the United States. 

Part-time students who place into Foundations of English can take 12-15 hours of classes per week.

Part-time students who place into Intermediate to High Advanced can take 3-15 hours of classes per week. 

To apply to the Intensive English Program, please submit the following information: 

Click Here To Apply Now To The IEP


Course Information

Once you are admitted into the Intensive English Program, you must take a placement test before we can place you in a level of study. The placement test is given at orientation the week before the program begins. All new students are required to attend this orientation! 

Program Details for Part-Time Students 

  • Fee Description 
    Class Hours 
  • Foundations
    Class Hours: 12 to 15 per week 
  • Intermediate to High Advanced 
    Class Hours: 3 to 15 per week 
  • Books for 1 class
    Average cost for 1 class  
  • Parking fee 
    Required for all those parking a car on campus (per session) 

Class Information 

  • Each session (or level) is 8 weeks. 
  • Classes are held on Monday & Wednesday or Tuesday & Thursday at the following times: 8:30am-10:00am, 10:15am-11:45am, and 1:00pm-2:30pm. 
  • Students who place into the Foundations division must be registered for and attend classes between 12-18 hours per week. Students who take 12 hours should plan to be in classes Monday through Thursday from 8:30am-11:45am.
  • We currently do not offer evening or weekend classes for F-1 visa students or students that place into the Advanced levels. For more information about our evening and weekend classes, please visit the Evening and Saturday Classes page. 

Visa Waiver (ESTA) Applicants 

If you are interested in attending the Intensive English Program and you have a ESTA Visa Waiver, please submit the following information: 

Click Here To Apply To The IEP

Please note that ESTA applicants can study for a maximum of 12-15 hours per week depending on the placement level. 

Change of Status 

  • Please note the following before applying from a change of status from B-2 (Tourist) to F-1 (Student): 

    • If you have a B-2 visa, you are not allowed to begin studying until your change of status is approved.
    • The normal processing time for a change of status is approximately12 months and cannot be expedited.
    • If you travel outside the U.S. while your change of status application is pending, your application will be canceled.
    • Changes of status do not provide the student with an F-1 visa, but only the status of a student. Therefore, should you receive change of status approval and then depart the U.S., you will need to apply for an F-1 visa at a U.S. embassy before you will be able to re-enter the U.S. to resume your studies.
    • You must apply for the change of status before your I-94 expires; your desired date to start studying in the Intensive English Program should be no more than one month after your I-94 expires. 
    • You MUST maintain your B-1/B-2 status until your change of status is approved by USCIS. If your B-1/B-2 status is going to expire and you are still waiting for your change of status, you will need to submit an I-539 application to extend your B/1-B/2 status and pay the $370 fee. 

    Please contact the IEP for advisement if you are interested in applying for a change of status.

Please contact us (iep@kennesaw.edu or 470-578-2214) with any questions.