F-1 Visas

In order to apply for admission, you must complete the application linked here: IEP F-1 application. After you complete the application and submit the application fee, you will be contacted by the Kennesaw State University International Student and Scholar Services Office regarding next steps for your I-20. 

Application Process

    • IEP application (Click HERE to complete the application)
    • $125 Non-refundable Application Fee 
    • Click here for a list of upcoming start and end dates for the IEP courses 
    • Copies of Passport, Visa, F-1 Visa Stamp, I-94, and I-20
    • KSU affidavit form
    • Official bank statements (Click on the KSU affidavit form for further details) 
    • Completed Immunization Form 

Program Cost

F-1 students will be responsible for the following costs:

  • Charge
    Additional Information 
  • Tuition
    Class Hours: 18 per week 
  • Books
    Average for a total of 3 classes 
  • Health Insurance
    Estimated cost for F-1 student health insurance. All F-1 students must have health insurance. Students may select United Healthcare's PGH insurance through Kennesaw State University or apply for a waiver to use their own insurance policy. 
  • Living Expenses 
    Estimate for living and food expenses for F-1 visa student
  • Parking Fee
    Required for all those parking a car on campus (per session) 
  • Grand Total 
    Average total cost to study for one session in the Intensive English Program 

Expiration of I-20

Your I-20 program dates will correspond to your requested number of IEP sessions and to the amount of funding available to you. 

The IEP office will determine the funding available to you by reviewing your bank statement or your sponsor's bank statement. 

The table below describes the number of sessions that you can study based upon the amount of funding that is available based on the bank statement that you provide. 

  • Number of Sessions
    Amount Required on Bank Statement*
  • One 8-Week Session 
  • Two 8-Week Session 
  • Three 8-Week Session 
  • Four Sessions

*Please note that additional funding will be required for any dependents coming with an F-2 visa. 

Class Information 

  • Each session (or level) is 8 weeks. 
  • Classes are held on Monday & Wednesday and Tuesday & Thursday at the following times: 8:30am-10:00am, 10:15am-11:45am, and 1:00pm-2:30pm.
  • As a F-1 student, you will be required to take 18 hours of class on Monday - Thursday. 
  • We do not currently offer evening or weekend classes for F-1 visa students. 

Course Information

Once you are admitted into the IEP Center, you must take a placement test before we can place you in a level of study. The placement test is given at orientation the week before the program begins. All new students are required to attend this orientation! 

Housing Information

If you have any questions regarding housing options that are available to students enrolled in the IEP, please visit the Housing and Dining Options page for further information. 

Application and Immigration Questions 

  • Yes, the Intensive English Program at KSU is authorized to provide I-20s to international students who wish to come to study English on an F1 visa.

  • Once we have received your application and required documents, an I-20 typically takes 3-5 business days to process. We can then mail you the I-20 with your acceptance letter. If you are outside of the U.S., please allow about 2-3 weeks from the date the I-20 was shipped to the day it arrives.

  • When you get your visa, you will need to take the following steps: 

    • Sign and date the I-20 in blue ink at the bottom.
    • Pay the SEVIS I-901 fee to the government. Information about the I-901 fee can be found here: fmjfee.com
    • Make an appointment with the U.S. consulate or embassy in your country. You can view visa wait times at: http://travel.state.gov/visa/temp/wait/wait_4638.html.
      • Signed I-20
      • Valid Passport
      • Acceptance letter from the IEP
      • Bank statement
      • Completed non-immigrant visa application
      • Two photographs (37 x 37mm), showing full face, without head covering, against a light background
      • Statement that you plan to return to your country after you complete your studies
      • SEVIS I-901 fee receipt
      • Proof of permanent residency in your country

    Click here for a list of sample questions that you may be asked during your student visa interview.

    Once you complete the interview process and have been approved to study in the Intensive English Program, please note that you can enter the U.S. thirty (30) days prior to the program start date, as shown on the copy of your I-20 form. 

  • Yes. You will need to apply to our program and also give the SEVIS Transfer Form to your current school. Other necessary documentation can be found under the application process located on this page.

  • Please keep in mind you can only add your spouse and minor children to your I-20. 

    On the IEP application, you will be asked to provide information about your family members. This includes the following: full name, date of birth, nationality, country of birth, gender, and relationship. Also, you will need to upload a copy of each dependents passport into your IEP account. 

    For the banking requirement, additional proof of funding is required for each dependent.

    See below the banking requirements if you bring your spouse: 

    • For the F-1 Student - Proof of $4600
    • Spouse of F-1 Student - Additional $2000
    • Total financial proof = $6600

    See below the banking requirement if you bring your spouse and child: 

    • For the F-1 Student - Proof of $4600
    • Spouse of the F-1 Student: Additional $2000
    • Child of the F-1 Student: Additional $2000
    • Total financial proof = $8600
  • Admission to the IEP does not indicate acceptance to Kennesaw State University for a degree program. Students who are seeking admission to a degree program at KSU must apply for that program and meet all requirements for admittance to KSU. 

    This includes proof of English proficiency and in some cases an SAT/ACT or GRE/GMAT standardized test score. For a list of application requirements, please see the following links: 

    Undergraduate Admission for F-1 Students

    Undergraduate Admissions for Other International Students 

    Graduate Admissions 

  • Students who plan to enroll at KSU in an undergraduate program after completing the IEP may apply for conditional admission. In the case that a student receives conditional admission, they will receive a conditional admission letter for their records and for their visa application. 

    To be eligible for conditional admission, students must meet all the undergraduate admissions requirements except for the language requirement. Undergraduate admissions requirements include evaluated and translated transcripts, and have received at least 30 transferable college credits. 

    Please see these websites for more information about admissions requirements: 

    Undergraduate Admission for F-1 Students 

    Undergraduate Admission for Other International Students 

F-2 Visa Holders

Individuals that hold an F-2 visa can study in the Intensive English Program as a part-time student. As a part-time student, you are welcome to take three to fifteen hours of class per week. 

To apply to the Intensive English Program, please visit the Permanent Residents, Citizens and All Other Visa Students page.  

Please contact us (iep@kennesaw.edu or 470-578-2214) with any questions.