IEP CoursesBefore beginning classes, an Intensive English Program student's language ability is assessed. At orientation, students take an English placement exam that covers listening, grammar, vocabulary, and reading. Students also provide a writing sample and have an oral interview with an IEP faculty member.

Based on the test scores and evaluations, students are then placed into the appropriate level of study. See below for a breakdown of the levels and what language skills are required at each.

Course Levels 

The courses a student can take vary slightly based on their level. See below for a list of IEP courses, the topic, and the level to which they are offered.

  • Level
  • Foundations
    For students with basic understanding of English.
  • Intermediate 
    For students with a basic understanding of English, basic communication skills and limited reading and writing.
  • High Intermediate
    For students with the ability to communicate socially and engage in academic work in English but with linguistic assistance.
  • Advanced
    For students with advanced oral and aural skills and ability to engage in academic work.
  • High Advanced 
    For students with an English proficiency level that would allow success in most universities with some significant linguistic boundaries.

 Core Curriculum Classes

  • Level Offered 
  • Foundations 
    Integrated Skills
    Introduces students to English grammar and vocabulary as well as developing reading, writing, and speaking skills. Part-time students taking Integrated Skills courses must take a minimum of 12 class hours per week, 8:30am-11:45am Monday-Thursday.
  • Intermediate to High Advanced
    Strengthens students' English grammar skills from the intermediate to advances levels.
  • Intermediate to High Advance 
    Courses in reading advance from controlled texts to novels and academic literature.
  • Intermediate to High Advanced 
    Courses range from the basics of composition to university-level academic writing.
  • Intermediate to High Advanced
    Vocabulary & Idioms
    Expands the student's understanding and use of English vocabulary and idioms in a variety of contexts.
  • Intermediate to High Advanced 
    Listening & Speaking
    Focuses on social and academic communication and comprehension. 

Sample Class Schedule

  • This is a sample schedule. Class days and times are not guaranteed.
  • Schedule is subject to change.
  • Students may request a particular section and schedule, but the IEP does not guarantee placement in that section.
  • Students who place into the Foundations division must be registered for and attend classes between 12-18 hours per week. Students who take 12 hours should plan to be in classes Monday through Thursday from 8:30am-11:45am.

  • Student proficiency level to be determined by placement exam, writing sample, and oral interview.
  • Optional activities will be offered at various times during the session.

Sample Morning Schedule

  • Time
  • 8:30am-10:00am
    Class Period 1
    Class Period 4
    Class Period 1
    Class Period 4
  • 10:15am-11:45am
    Class Period 2
    Class Period 5
    Class Period 2
    Class Period 5
  • 1:00pm-2:30pm
    Class Period 3
    Class Period 6
    Class Period 3
    Class Period 6


Friday Elective Classes

  • Class
    Class Description 
    Text Book
    Class Hours
    Important Note
  • Grammar for Extra Practice
    Students will spend extra time practicing grammar rules and structure.  
    No textbook required
    Meets 2 hours a week on Friday morning for a total of 6 weeks
    You must be enrolled in the Intermediate, High Intermediate, Advanced, or High Advanced level to be eligible to take this class.
  • Pronunciation & Conversation
    Teaches students the proper emphasis of words and syllables for effective communication.
    Meets 2 hours a week on Friday morning for a total of 6 weeks
    This class is offered to students from all levels of study. 
  • SAT/ACT Preparation*


    Teaches students the structure of the SAT and ACT exams and how to effectively prepare for these exams. 
    No textbook required 

    Meets 3 hours a week on Friday morning for a total of 6 weeks

    You must be enrolled in the High Intermediate, Advanced, or High Advanced level to be eligible to take this class. 

Important Note: A minimum number of students will need to enroll in the courses listed above in order to offer that class. If the required number of students do not enroll, all course tuition will be refunded. 

Questions about IEP Policies & Procedures?

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