Why Come to KSU?

Five reasons why you should join the KSU Intensive English Program: 

1. Student-Centered Approach: The IEP recognizes the diversity of our students' needs and provides them with the necessary tools and resources to thrive academically and socially. 

2. Dedicated Staff: The faculty and staff of the Intensive English Program at Kennesaw State University are dedicated to ensuring student success. Each member of the IEP team is exceptionally qualified in his or her specialty. Students who take English courses through KSU's IEP will have the highest quality instruction and interaction from our courteous, professional, and knowledgeable instructors, directors and staff.

3. Individual Attention: Our Intensive English Program helps every student succeed by providing one-on-one tutoring opportunities and personalized academic and immigration advising. 

4. Conditional Admission & TOEFL Waiver Certificate: Successful completion of the High Advanced level in the IEP will meet the English Language Proficiency requirement for admission to KSU. Additionally, interested and qualified students may be admitted conditionally to KSU in advance of their IEP studies if they meet all requirements except for proof of English Language Proficiency. 

5. Active Campus Life: The Intensive English Program and Kennesaw State University offer a friendly, welcoming environment. Students can eat in the award-winning Commons, live in modern on-campus housing, get involved with student groups, and exercise in the state of the art Dr. Betty L. Siegel Student Recreation and Activities Center. IEP students are encouraged to participate in scheduled field trips and weekly on-campus socials. 

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General Facts about KSU & KSU Intensive English Program: 

1. Kennesaw State University offers more than 150 undergraduate, masters and doctoral degrees to its more than 35,000 students. 

2. Kennesaw State is the third-largest and fastest growing university in the State of Georgia, and has 13 colleges on two metro Atlanta campuses. 

3. Since 2009, over 1,400 students from 78 different countries have studied in the KSU Intensive English Program. 

4. The KSU Intensive English Program has hosted special groups from South Korea, Brazil, Germany, and Mexico. We welcome students from all countries for short-term studies. 

Picture of Kennesaw Campus

Kennesaw Campus

Picture of Marietta Campus

Marietta Campus 

Find out directly from other international students how transformative the Intensive English Program is. Below you will find video and testimonials from students who have completed courses in Kennesaw State's IEP. Let them share. 

Roberto Escobar

Joed Loukou 
Côte d’Ivoire (Ivory Coast) 



Patricia Schlabendorff




 Written Testimonials

“At first it was very difficult for me to speak English. But I had an excellent teacher who helped me improve my communication skills. She helped me learn idioms that Americans often use and made the class very interesting.”
- Seokbin Kim South Korea

“My experience in IEP has been beyond my expectation. After the placement test, I felt challenged in every class during my first session. I was able to develop my skills, especially in listening and speaking. I enjoy IEP and definitely would choose it again.”
- Cecilia Gallardo Mexico

“IEP is a very good program because we focus on many subjects. Every session we improve our reading, listening, speaking, writing and grammar skills. I recommend students participate in field trips and activities that IEP offers to be more successful.”
- Maria Gabriela Zuttion Brazil

“In a short amount of time, the IEP helped me improve my reading comprehension and writing skills. This made me a more confident student. Before studying in the IEP, I was
afraid I would not be able to do that. I appreciate all the teachers here. They made my dream come true. Thank you!”
- Aimin Xiao China

“I started as a beginner in the IEP. One of the best parts of IEP is the Conversation Partners program. I wish to recommend to all future IEP students to participate in this program. It’s a great way to improve your speaking skills and to have more contact with native English speakers.”
- Roberto Escobar Venezuela

“The IEP at KSU is one of the top ESL centers. I learned how to write basic essays and later academic papers. The teachers also took time to help me improve my listening and
reading skills. When I started studying here, my English was basic. It was difficult for me to understand simple conversations. But thanks to my instructors, I am more confident and involved with student groups.”
- Tisbia M. Mpoyo Democratic Republic of Congo

“I am very happy to recommend IEP to all students looking for an ESL program. The teachers take the extra effort to help me learn and the administrative staff here is awesome!
In all my classes, instructors use multiple methodologies so students can learn more easily. Thanks to all my teachers for helping me prepare for Ph.D. work in Early Childhood Education!”
- Doris Romero Colombia