Cultural Insurance Services International

Automatic Coverage for KSU Faculty/Staff International Travelers

A contract with CISI has been negotiated that provides automatic coverage to KSU faculty and staff traveling internationally on KSU approved and affiliated travel at no charge to the employee.  Faculty and staff traveling with Education Abroad programs must obtain their CISI policy through a contract negotiated for Education Abroad programs. (See below.)

Detailed information regarding coverage, insurance cards, and FAQs can be found at CISI KSU Business Travel Coverage.

Education Abroad Programs

Participants in KSU Education Abroad programs are required to obtain CISI insurance.  Travelers will be given guidance by their Education Abroad Coordinators and their Program Directors.

Non-KSU/Internship/Directed Study Programs

Participants in non-KSU/Internship/Directed Study Programs are required to obtain CISI insurance. While many of these programs offer insurance policies, they are generally inferior and will not be approved to take the place of CISI. In addition, having a CISI policy ensures consistent procedures and responses for all KSU travelers.