On Call International

On Call International is a third-party security advisor contracted by KSU to assist in tracking international travelers on KSU-affiliated programs and to provide real-time safety and security intelligence and notifications. By registering with On Call International, KSU travelers are able to access On Call’s website where they can obtain briefings for their destination, including

  • safety and security information,
  • practical travel advice,
  • local etiquette,
  • weather conditions,
  • cultural information,
  • and much more.

In addition, travelers can customize security alerts that will be texted to them in the event of an incident.

On Call International provides the International Risk Mitigation Office with the means to determine the location of KSU travelers and facilitates communication with them in the event of an incident.

While traveling, all KSU travelers are required to notify On Call International of side-trips outside their registered travel by emailing their itinerary (include date and location of departure/return, transportation (train, flight #, bus, etc), and housing at new destination) to trips@oncallinternational.com, making sure to cc globalsafety@kennesaw.edu. Include in the email that you are a KSU traveler to expedite On Call’s processing of your trip.