Student Travel Policies

Kennesaw State University encourages its students to participate in a wide variety of educational experiences abroad. To minimize health and safety risks, Kennesaw State has adopted the following policies and procedures to govern undergraduate travel for international opportunities and experiences.

In general, undergraduate participation in University-sponsored education abroad programs (credit and non-credit bearing) and other non-credit international activities (definition below) is permitted unless the destination country is subject to a:

To travel to locations with the above warnings, you must request special permission from Kennesaw State University's International Risk Assessment Committee (IRAC) at least sixty (60) days prior to departure. The committee reviews each request and submits a recommendation to the Vice-Provost of Global Affairs for approval. Students and their sponsors should review the Undergraduate International Travel Policy to learn more about the policy and how to navigate the Travel Permission Request Process. Additionally, students will be required to complete a Travel Advisory Form.

Types of International Travel

For risk management purposes, undergraduate international travel is broken up into the following two categories:

Education Abroad

Education abroad is an undergraduate, credit-bearing educational experience abroad (either KSU-sponsored, affiliated, approved unaffiliated, or approved non-KSU) that results in progress towards an academic degree from Kennesaw State University. Education abroad programs are typically administered by the Education Abroad Office

Health and safety pre-departure requirements are integrated into program orientation by the sponsoring office.

Additional safety and security briefings are available upon request. Please complete the Safety & Security Briefing Request form to schedule your customized briefing.


Non-Credit Travel

Non-credit/non-education abroad undergraduate international travel activities must comply with the directives of the Kennesaw State University. This travel will be considered KSU-sponsored if it meets at least one of the criteria listed on the Non-Credit/Non-Education Abroad Definition Page.

Non-credit travelers, including registered student organizations (RSOs) must complete Health and Safety Pre-Departure Requirements based on the Timeline for Non-Credit Student Travelers.

Please contact the Office of International Safety and Security for the additional requirements at