International Student Health Insurance

All international studStudents sitting at a tableents in the F and J visa categories at Kennesaw State University are required to have adequate health insurance at all times during their study in the U.S.

The insurance requirements, as set forth by the University System of Georgia, are the following1:

  • Both accident and sickness coverage
  • Minimum benefit $250,000 per policy year**
  • A deductible of $500 or less and/or co-pay per individual, per year*
  • In-patient and outpatient, mental and nervous disorder benefits
  • Prescription Drug Coverage
  • Pay benefits worldwide
  • Medical evacuation to one’s home country and family reunification of not less than $50,000*
  • Provision for repatriation of remains of not less than $25,000*
  • All Georgia mandated requirements+
1 Requirements are subject to change. Please see the USG website for up-to-date information.
*Federal Standards required for International Students
+Georgia mandates coverage for the following benefits to be paid as any other Sickness: Mammography, PAP Smears, Prostate Specific Antigen (PSA) Tests, Chlamydia Screening, Mastectomy, Bone Mass Measurement, Colorectal Cancer Screening, Dental Anesthesia, Diabetes, Surveillance Tests for Ovarian Cancer, Telemedicine, Drug Treatment of Children’s Cancer, Bone Marrow Transplants, Postpartum Care, and Mental Illness.
**To meet Federal Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements your health plan should have no annual benefit limits.
(These requirements are based on the federally mandated requirements of the ACA.)

Students at Kennesaw State University must enroll in the Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) through United Healthcare, unless they hold insurance from their home country that meets all of the requirements above.

Each semester, students must self-enroll in SHIP, or request a waiver.

 To Enroll in the KSU Student Health Insurance Plan

  1. Go to
  2. You will see two options. Select "Enroll Now."
  3. Enter your Date of birth and KSU ID number, starting with 000. Click "Next."
  4. Please verify your information is correct.
  5. At the bottom of the page you will click the coverage period and elect to enroll in the insurance. PLEASE note you are not expected to pay for the insurance at this time. The fees have already applied to your tuition and fees. You are just confirming that you want the KSU health insurance plan. If the system asks you for your credit card information, STOP, you have entered the site incorrectly, please contact us to help.
  6. Electronically sign and submit.


  1. You must complete this task every Fall and Spring semester to keep the KSU insurance.
  2. Once you elect to enroll in the SHIP plan for the semester, you may not request to waive it later.

To Print Your SHIP Insurance ID Card and Access Your Account

Once enrolled in SHIP, you may access your account to print your health insurance card, review your policy documents, or enter health insurance claims.

To access your account, go to Click the "Log into My Account" link at the top right to create your account, or, if you have already created your account, access any insurance information you may need.

To Waive the KSU Student Health Insurance Plan

In order to waive the Student Health Insurance Plan at Kennesaw State University, F and J visa students must hold adequate insurance that meets or exceeds ALL of the requirements set forth by the University System of Georgia, as listed above. Additionally, the insurance must cover the student for the entire semester period, regardless of whether they will be traveling outside the U.S. or not taking summer semester classes:

  • Fall Semester: through December 31
  • Spring/Summer Semesters: through July 31

If you are considering waiving the SHIP insurance, please review your policy carefully. Inadquate insurance coverage will result in your waiver request being declined and the SHIP insurance fee being assessed.

F-1 visa students, if you have questions about whether your insurance meets the requirements for the waiver, please email BEFORE submitting the waiver request.

J-1 visa students may contact their exchange program coordinator.

Completing the Two-Step Waiver Process

If your insurance meets the requirements, you may request to waive the KSU insurance. This is a two-step process.

  1. Submit the Waiver Request online by following these steps.
    1. Go to
    2. You will see two options. Select "Waive Coverage".
    3. Enter your Date of Birth and KSU ID number, starting with 000. Click "Next."
    4. Please verify your information is correct and add a personal email address.
    5. Answer Yes or No to what is covered by your insurance, and then enter your insurance information. You will need to know the policy number, the company's address & phone number, etc.
    6. Electronically sign and submit your waiver request. 
    7. Your waiver request will now be in PENDING status.
  2. Send the ISSSO a copy of your health insurance policy and include your KSU#. PLEASE NOTE: The information you send must include the dates of insurance coverage, must be in English or have an English translation, and must clearly demonstrate that the insurance meets ALL of the requirements. Your insurance policy will be reviewed for compliance and approved by the ISSSO in order to complete the waiver process.
    1. F-1 visa students, send your insurance documentation to:
    2. J-1 visa students, send your insurance documentation to your KSU exchange program coordinator.


  • If your insurance is not approved, your waiver will be declined and you will be assessed the SHIP insurance fee.
  • If you paid for the KSU health insurance and then waived your health insurance, you will receive a refund for those funds after a few weeks.
  • You will have to waive your health insurance every fall and spring semester.