2018 Events

This summer, Kennesaw State University will offer three events surrounding the topic of sustainability goals for both educational and corporate leaders across the globe. Each event will be dedicated to developing the sustainability mindset of the participants offering them the tools and guidelines to not only teach but to implement these strategies with their colleagues and students alike. These events are sponsored by KSU International Programs in Tuscany, PRME and LEAP. The events are co-sponsored by KSU Coles College of Business in support of CIFAL Atlanta at KSU and UNITAR.

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."

- Albert Einstein

For Educators:

  • Learning Lab

    Sustainability Mindset Conference

    Submit a proposal for a workshop featuring activities, instruments or innovative pedagogic approaches to developing a sustainability mindset with students. 

  • Educator's Workshop

    Sustainability Mindset Workshop

    Preparing educators to develop a sustainability mindset with their students. 


For Corporations:

  • Leadership Conference

    New Strategic Leadership Competencies Seminar

    This interactive experiential and business-centered seminar is aimed at corporate leaders, entrepreneurs, human resources and leadership development professionals.